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Guys, I meant that it's from the first team to depart until the last team to arrive in the Pit Stop. :)

But, I really can't believe that Nick & Starr ran just over an hour for a leg! :ascared

What things are on the extra piece of paper that teams receive in their clue? (ie The additional information)

What I do know is that there is information sometimes regarding addresses of locations, where do be dropped off by a taxi, what entrance, and where to park when self driving. There is also more specifics on how to complete a task and step by step instructions along with what can and cannot be done.

Why did the producers or whoever is in charge of the tasks/routes change the U-Turn boards from photocopy (TAR12 - 18) to digital (TAR19 - current)? I find it really hard to see the pictures on the iPads when you watch it on TV like during the Lake Malawi's Jamaica Shop Double U-Turn. :(

I don't know if this has been asked but...

If you use the EP on the DT, can you be U-Turned?

My theory is no, because you have to choose a DT first and then you have to use the EP, you can't just magically conjure a clue from the Detour cluebox.

Thanks for your thoughts <3


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