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Hey, I just stumbled across this list of sequester locations. Can anyone confirm it? Can anyone possibly add to it? (Here; don't edit the page, it someone's user page)

Hey GB,

LOTS of errors on that Wiki page.......which is normal......try this link.,24544.0.html


Team A and B are doing a task/looking for a clue, both have cabs waiting for them. Team A finishes the task first/gets their clue and returns to their cab. Team A also decides to pay team B's cab to follow them and not return to the location of the task (assuming team B's packs are not in the cab). Would team A get penalized for this?

Additionally, could team A remove team B's packs and drop them off by team B before taking both cabs, or is that prohibited under the rule of tempering with clues/resources?


You can't touch anything that is from other teams, on the race.

Declive is correct.

Example: Joseph & Grace took out James & Sarah's bags in order to steal their taxi in TAR AU 2, resulting in a penalty.


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