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--- Quote from: Bwils927 on May 02, 2013, 04:46:09 PM ---Are teams assigned a certain color to wear or is that just coincidence/team spirit.

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Assigned for viewer convenience, is my guess.

Teams get different colored bandanas at the start of the race. This is so the camera/sound crew know which team to follow.

Colored clothing is a teams choice for their own reasons.


Why are there so less clueboxes IN AMAZING RACE AUSTRALIA?

It's been explained before that colors are used to assist the camera crews in following the teams during the Race, especially in situations where teams are in a group, or a team is in the midst of a group of locals, such as public transit or a crowded street.

How this is done is not as clear (or at least I've not heard of how), but it does seem as if teams give input (choosing a color) and bring clothing having that color, or teams are told before they depart for pre-start sequester the color that is being used for that team so they can bring clothing with that color.

The one thing that is clear is that there's no coincidence involved.


--- Quote from: Loken on May 25, 2013, 09:15:45 AM ---Guys..

Why are there so less clueboxes IN AMAZING RACE AUSTRALIA 2?

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now i know! they used all the clueboxes for the final roadblock !


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