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--- Quote from: GB on June 02, 2013, 09:39:50 PM ---It's well known that if teams interact with a local while on the race, production has to have the local sign a release forum in order to be able to use their footage on TV.

But what if teams interact with a child? Do they still get him to sign the release forum, or do they have to find the kid's parents or someone who's of legal age?

--- End quote ---

i think that depends on the location and circumstances. In any event, the show has been known to go back after filming and obtain a release from someone they didn't get initially, or in a circumstance like that one, from the legally empowered person.

I watched an episode of Airport 24/7 and they talked about Global Entry. It is a prepaid service that allows you to go through customs more quickly and costs $100.

I wonder if you are allowed to use this during the race. I know it will not affect every leg (only US legs going through certain cities.) Just curious. Has anyone heard or read about teams using this?

There are also different variations of this in different countries, with some being free.

I could see this as a major advantage if used when entering these countries.

It probably wouldn't work for a team unless the powers that be agreed to provide it to the camera and sound guys as well. Since you have to get a background check and be interviewed, you'd have to do it in advance before you know what camera and sound people you would be working with.  I kind of doubt the powers that be would do it, but I'll bet Phil and the production guys would have (already have?) that service just in case they get delayed and have to move quickly to stay ahead of the teams.

Still, if I were on one of the next couple of races, I'd be looking into that. If allowed, it would be a big leg up on the teams without it. However, I don't travel internationally, so I'm not sure just how long clearing customs takes and how much faster this would be.

Good point. I forgot about the camera guys.

Global entry would only possibly impact on the legs coming back into the U.S. or anywhere around the U.S., which usually total not more than 1 in any amazing race season.


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