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The Wiki folks use two columns of placements for the double-length leg. The only nit-pick I have is their attempt to list a midpoint placement on the final leg of season 8. They show a mid-leg placement but do not explain where they consider the midpoint. Prior discussion here reached the conclusion that depending on what exact task was chosen (arrival at Montreal Olympic Stadium) to start a task to search and find a clue with a release time the following morning, the order of completing that task, or the time each time found) would come up with three different placement orders at those point. The show never made clear which was the actual midpoint, and I decided that, consistent with the earliest seasons camping out overnight during the final leg, that task could not be considered a midpoint of a double leg.

What are the nine Emmy's that TAR has won?

All for best reality TV show.

Actually, I kinda meant what seasons did they win the Emmy's on.. sorry for the confusion!

Oh. :lol:

Haphazard list: TAR3 Switzerland, TAR7 Botswana 1, TAR18 Varanasi? (Rontina eliminated), TAR20 Tanzania 2.


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