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--- Quote from: Declive on April 16, 2013, 01:40:28 PM ---Each team is followed by a camera and a productor i think. If the productor sees a penalty he can just call or message the Pit Stop production.

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Nope.  Camera guy and sound guy. Production runs with the teams in first and last... at least some of the time.


--- Quote from: NickNaTaw on April 18, 2013, 07:42:14 PM ---(first time poster, long time reader)
Also, can anyone explain to me how the decoys work in the final cities? For example, when do they assume they'll need to start having decoys, and how many teams do they use as decoys? Like will the next two teams eliminated be decoys in the finale? ...just curious if anybody knows.

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--- Quote from: redskevin88 on April 19, 2013, 05:41:24 AM ---Usually the Final 6 or so are decoys, (during TAR 16, a friend of mine spotted Steve & Allie racing in the Singapore leg), they race the course with the other teams to try to fool those who like to spoil.

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:hiya NickNa Taw, and  :welcome2: to the RFF!

As an example, in last season finale, the twinnies and Ryan & Abbie were spotted in the Lombardi's pizza area doing exactly the same task that the F3 teams. If you check in the TAR21 sightings section, you will able to see the pics of them. How did we know they were decoys? By the lack of camera crew with them. (We also have pics of Trey & Lexie performing the task in Bycicle Habitat with the camera crew).
Maybe my oldest fellow detectives can add more info about for how long it's been happening the decoy thing, but I read here somewhere that Louie and Michael were spotted in San Francisco, during TAR16 finale, carrying a trunk at the same time the F3 were racing to win the million dollars.
And Redskevin88 is right about one of the reasons is to fool people like us who likes to spoil things. :lol:

I don't know if this is to be posted by here. Something known about the filming of TAR 23??

We wouldn't post it if there was. The rule is no info about the start until the racers are safely underway.

But you can spec over here:,

Hey, I just stumbled across this list of sequester locations. Can anyone confirm it? Can anyone possibly add to it? (Here; don't edit the page, it someone's user page)


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