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All for best reality TV show.

Actually, I kinda meant what seasons did they win the Emmy's on.. sorry for the confusion!

Oh. :lol:

Haphazard list: TAR3 Switzerland, TAR7 Botswana 1, TAR18 Varanasi? (Rontina eliminated), TAR20 Tanzania 2.

TAR 9 Oman, TAR 12 India, TAR 14 Switzerland. TAR 10 Vietnam 2 (?)

Generally it is determined by the episode(s) submitted for consideration in the nomination process. While most of them have had two cycles, the second Emmy (IIRC) had 3 cycles (cycles 4, 5, 6) during the eligibility period.

I don't have that information handy, but that is what one would be looking for.


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