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Due to budget issues they've cut down to 1 or 2 fast forwards? Oh. Thx

Is there always a producer with each team, or are they only present at the detours and roadblocks?


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--- Quote from: RachelLeVega on January 26, 2013, 08:42:07 PM ---I don't know if this has been discussed as I know of, but has any teams in any edition arrived at the Pit Stop thinking they have claimed 1st place, but learned they were actually last or vice versa (thinking they were last, but learned they arrived in 1st)?

I've always wanted to see an expression like...
PHIL (OR ANY OTHER TAR HOST): _____ & _____... :stare
TEAM: Give us good news! *crosses fingers happily for first* :bounce :bounce
PHIL (O.A.O.TAR.H): You are the last team to arrive... :(
TEAM: *Lucy & Emilia's episode 4 "confuzzled" face*... WHAT?! :o :o
PHIL (O.A.O.TAR.H): I'm sorry to tell you that you've both been eliminated from the race. :(
TEAM: Are you joking?! how could this have happened? Like, I seriously don't know... :umn:

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TAR3 in Scotland the last place team had won the ff and arrived last so there must have been some sort of shock.

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Not exactly. Dennis and Andrew had problems getting flights and arrived into London 8 hours later than the latest of the other AR3 teams. Gaining a few hours back by avoiding the tasks in Cambridge did not make enough difference to keep them out of last place.

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I was thinking of a scenario without the FF coming into play similar to the Taiwan leg in TAR12 like...

Final 4 all at the Roadblock location... Brian & Angela (1st) departs RB *make your way to the Pit Stop* and takes a taxi to the Pit Stop and once they're out of sight, Steve & Mike (2nd), Stacy & Jenny (3rd), and Roger & Cathy (Last) finish the RB and race to the Pit Stop learning there was a quicker route by taking a city bus than taking a taxi during rush hour. Steve & Mike, Stacy & Jenny, and Roger & Cathy all reach the Pit Stop and then they were off the mat. Brian & Angela runs up unknowingly they are last (thinking they were 1st), but received the information and were eliminated with a speechless and shocked expression.

So to clarify, has any team dropped from 1st to last during the race to the Pit Stop, but thought they were first? :)

Actually in seasons 1-4 there was a FF in every leg. That stopped in season 5 were they cut the numbers of FF in 2 and in later seasons ( after 12 I think) in only 1.


--- Quote from: airn10 on January 27, 2013, 08:22:09 AM ---Is there always a producer with each team, or are they only present at the detours and roadblocks?

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each team has a cameraman and a sound guy and there are mounted cameras/mics + more cameramen at tasks and the pit stop


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