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--- Quote from: The Prophet on February 16, 2011, 03:07:48 PM ---Phil walked out to eliminate Maria and Tiffany in TAR 15.

--- Quote from: domel on February 16, 2011, 02:56:10 PM ---And are Team Guido the only final 3 team to never make it to the finish line?

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They were the first final three team to not make the finish line.

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They were the "first" Final 3 Team, period.

Phil had to go out in the field to eliminate Lena/Kristy in TAR6.

Has anyone noticed any errors in post production during a particular episode? I've seen almost all the seasons, and never noticed any glaring mistakes, but just noticed two in subsequent episodes. At the start of the Leg 2 of Season 10, Tom & Terry are labelled as leaving at 7:02 PM, when in actual fact, it was probably supposed to be 10:02 PM if the other start times are assumed to be correct.

In the next episode, on leaving the detour, Peter and Sarah are labelled as currently being in 1st place, when actually, about 3 teams have already checked into the pitstop. I know these are easy to miss, but I wonder how many copywriters have to look these over before being aired!

Has anyone else noticed any spelling mistakes or other errors in the show?

Conspiracy theories state that TAR did not allow Dustin and Kandice to win the All Stars because their safe was faulty.

The CBS TAR site is usually quite faulty.

TAR clearly messed up the TAR 17 leg 6 Detour, which is why they non-eliminated Nick and Vicki without Speed Bumping them.


--- Quote from: DrRox on February 16, 2011, 03:44:48 PM ---Phil had to go out in the field to eliminate Lena/Kristy in TAR6.

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Yes, I knew there was one for the hale bale task, but I couldn't remember their names.

One other unusual elimination was Maria/Tiffany at the Netherlands Detour in TAR 15.


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