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I'd like to say I'm a pretty big TAR fan, and have seen all the US, Canadian and Australian Seasons so far, but I want to start getting into other (International) seasons.  Has anyone any advise as too where to start, or which Seasons are really great that I'm missing out on?

Thanks in Advance Guys!  :kuss:

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I really like TAR: China Rush, season 1. It has pretty good tasks, locations, and teams (and since all the teams are expats, they are fluent in English). The other seasons of China Rush are good, too, but feature more Chinese locals (which isn't a bad thing, but forces me to read the subtitles, which I find a little annoying). I would start with season 1.

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I agree with Paldog. I think that all seasons of China Rush are good, but there is a bit more product placement than the US Version (with the Hilton Teddy Bears). You should watch them.

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys  :<3

I think I'll start with China Rush, and then move on to TARA!

Is Express Pass applicable to Speed Bump?

Yes, I think so. It's just that... speedbumps are too easy to skip. Only someone who doesn't strategize well would use the EP on the speedbump.


--- Quote from: SuperTux on August 28, 2014, 12:37:55 AM ---Is Express Pass applicable to Speed Bump?

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Unless you are John & Jessica  :funny: you'll probably use your Express Pass WAY BEFORE you finish last. So I don't think it applies.

I got a question. Is it possible for two teams to use their Express Pass in the same leg/or in the same task?

Yeah , two teams can use the Express Pass on the same task.

And the Express Pass is availiable to the Speed Bumb too.


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