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I don't believe production would replace a lost EP. Production will not replace a lost clue or instruction sheet, or a lost gnome. And we know production will not replace a passport, although we at RFF have been known to help return a Racer's lost passport to a Racer before they got eliminated.

If team that won Express Pass in first leg and get NEL in NEL leg, would can skip Speed Bump with Express Pass in next EL leg?

There is nothing said about that. I just think it is quite a stupid thing, since

1. A team with an Express Pass would not risk it and try to not become last (use it before getting last in a NEL)
2. Using it on a Detour (takes more time) is more intelligent, most of the times. A Speed Bump is easy and takes a few time to complete, while the Detour usually makes the difference.

By the way, I think the Express Pass is only not able to be used in Fast Forwards only AFAIC

I think an EP can skip a speedbump, but a speedbump is too easy to skip.
Any team who still possesses the EP after getting NEL'd would most likely use the EP on a detour or a rb.
I read from Wikipedia (but I can't find it there anymore) that an FF is EP-able, but there's a time penalty. (6 hours? ??? )

Wiki is unreliable....


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