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--- Quote from: Roif456 on March 08, 2014, 10:36:42 PM ---
--- Quote from: theschnauzers on March 08, 2014, 01:53:32 PM ---And I'm not sure some you included are "fan favorites" to begin with.

And some people have short memories. There were teams not picked for the original All-Stars season that I think are fan favorites.

CBS has said this season was cast based on social media interest in a team, but I'm not so sure, because at least one team are fan favorites who weren't included (Jamyes and James).

I'd rather not even attempt to suggest who the all time fan favorite teams are because there are more opinions than there are visible stars in the sky on that topic.

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My answer: Example Season 1 fan favorites are Kevin & Drew

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Ok, if your looking for the fan favourites of each season, here's who I'd say - (These are Teams I feel the majority of people rooted for, and not necessarily my favourites of the season) -

Season 1 - Kevin & Drew
Season 2 - Oswald & Danny
Season 3 - Ken & Gerard
Season 4 - Jon & Al
Season 5 - Charla & Mirna
Season 6 - Kris & Jon
Season 7 - Uchenna & Joyce
Season 9 - Fran & Barry or BJ & Tyler
Season 10 - David & Mary or Dustin & Kandice
Season 11 - Charla & Mirna or Dustin & Kandice
Season 12 - Kynt & Vyxsin
Season 13 - Toni & Dallas
Season 14 - Margie & Luke
Season 15 - Sam & Dan or Flight Time & Big Easy
Season 16 - Jet & Cord
Season 17 - Brook & Claire
Season 18 - This one I'm not sure? Most of them :lol:
Season 19 - Amani & Marcus or Bill & Chati
Season 20 - Mark & Bopper
Season 21 - Jaymes & James
Season 22 - Joey & Meghan
Season 23 - Chester & Ephraim
Season 24 - So far Mark & Mallory or maybe Dave & Connor

Please take further fan favorites discussion to either  WishLists or the Championship Discussion threads. Thanks!

We haven't got any news of the renewal of this show so far. Will S24 be the final season?


--- Quote from: SuperTux on March 09, 2014, 11:31:17 PM ---We haven't got any news of the renewal of this show so far. Will S24 be the final season?

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Don't think so. Neither does ET:,29745.msg980645.html#msg980645

From my experience about a decade ago, now, I would say that if there was any such possibility the "network" would be sending out an alarm.
CBS makes money off of TAR not just from advertisers in the most highly preferred demo but from international syndication, and they finally figured out they can used TVGN which CBS half-owns as well as I Tunes and Google as revenue streams. And the overnights are now so deceptive as to the actual audience that watches within the 30 days now being tracked by CBS Research internally, that worrying about the ratings has become ridiculous. (When we're still in the Top 25 in the weekly broadcast ratings, no matter what those overnights look like, it has become next to meaningless.)


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