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They are sequestered.


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--- Quote from: Platrium on December 31, 2013, 09:46:59 AM ---Scenario 1: about fast forward
A team chooses to skip the fast forward and go to the next task (let's say it's a roadblock). This team goes to the roadblock and fails after several attempts.
Questions to this scenario:
1.) Is the team allowed to go back and perform the fast forward instead?
2.) If yes, what happens to the team's roadblock count?

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But if a team quits a roadblock, it is a 4-hour penalty...

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They didn't quit they just moved onto the FF...

Also this is allowed because Brandon & Nicole did it (though they failed the FF)

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That's interesting...

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IIRC, Brandon & Nicole had arrived at the Roadblock, which Brandon then attempted to complete. Brandon stopped, and they went for the FF. When they saw what the FF was, they went back to the RB location, which Brandon went on to complete (at which point they were in last place). I don't necessarily see that as a quit, because teams have attempted tasks, then stopped to pursue the FF before. I would consider it a quit if it were something on a Momily level (skipping the Detour when they could have just switched from looking for the car to taking the bus).

Now, if Brandon & Nicole went back to the RB location, and Nicole completed it, I believe that's a whole different scenario (as Brandon did elect to do the RB before they switched).


--- Quote from: Jimmer on January 12, 2014, 01:03:14 PM ---Are teams allowed to mingle during the Pit Stops or are they sequestered from each other?

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Not exactly "sequestered". In the old days we had ESM...eating, sleeping, mingling. Now the teams are kept apart and there is no planned mingling. Airports are the new ESM, lol. I think TPTB think it helps create tension and drama between the teams...I miss it.

What would happen if a team lost their EP/SP?


--- Quote from: Airlines on January 17, 2014, 03:24:26 AM ---What would happen if a team lost their EP/SP?

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I think production would just print a new one for them :lol:


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