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--- Quote from: Airlines on December 17, 2013, 04:34:05 AM ---They can't prove that they would have done better on the other leg though.

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Let's say Dave & Connor survived on Leg 2, but withdrew during the Leg 2 pit stop period, with eight teams starting Leg 3. Leg 4 becomes non-elimination, with say Chuck & Wynona non-eliminated. In the next leg they u-turn John & Jessica to survive (logically using the last u-turn), and let's imagine in this case they don't have /or use their express pass.

If they could somehow prove that Leg 4 was somehow changed into a non-elimination leg, could they possibly sue on the grounds that if Chuck & Wynona weren't non-e, they wouldn't have needed to use the u-turn, and they could possibly survive Leg 5?

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I think the film clips shown during their season shows that Dennis and Conner did in fact decide to quit during the rest period, but accomodated the producers to fly to the next country, went to the pit stop and then were eliminated.

I'm not sure what different scenario you are trying to create. The producers can't change the planned elimination points and NELs.

Rachel Berry:
Is the elimination station still existing?

I think I answered this a few weeks back. It depends on what you mean by the elimination station. Teams are still sent to a resort somewhere to spend 1-2 weeks until it's time for them to fly to the final city. Do they still film short video clips for TAR from wherever it is they are being kept? Not that I can see.

In the Chinese version there is no elimination station though. Teams go home after their elimination.

^That is infinitely stupid because it makes the boot order ridiculously easy to spoil.


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