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No, prophet. Post-production == editing. Not the stuff you said (which are faults during the race).

An overlooked mistake was also visible during the Poker Chip task in S15. It showed RB when it is in fact a Route Info.

There have been a few instances, particularly in the more recent seasons of Camera & Sound men being in the shot. Usually its not for very long though. The only really glaring issue I've ever found is Kelly & Christy being visible in the background, watching Andrew and Dan complete their speed bump three legs after they were eliminated

Mug Costanza:
There was one time in TAR4 where instead of the usual title for Jon & Al:

Best Friends/Clowns

...they displayed:

Jon & Al
Best Friends/Clowns

Basically, they just put Jon and Al's names in non-capslocked type. Nothing major. It just looked weird. (I know, it's nothing much, but it's all I can specifically remember.)

Hmm.. It is not really a "mistake", but sometimes they show a team boarding a flight and they show scenes from a different flight.

Like for example, Dustin & Kandice boarded a plane in Zanzibar to head to Poland, and the next clip of them waiting to put their luggage in the overhead comapartment was on another plane at Frankfurt wearing their blue jackets when in fact they were'nt wearing them before(when they were entering).

This was probably one of the many plane "mistakes".

The only instance where editing left viewers confused was that piano task in TAR 17. While the problem was discovered and dealt with during filming at the time, the editing required CBS to issue a press release because of the confusion that was created. That's about as close to a post-production issue as I can think of. (And had they following the editing practices of the early seasons, they would have acknowledged it and the confusion would not have happened. The only other one was the Maria-Tiffany elimination which wasn't fully explained on air and I suspect to this day probably remains a source of confusion.

AmazingRace, the "substitution" of filmed takeoffs and landings has been a common practice on TAR since the early days.  I don't view it as a istake, but rather using the visually available footage for telling the story.


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