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TAR 30

Start= San Francisco
Leg 1- San Francisco - Auckland
Leg 2- Auckland - Melbourne      NEL
Leg 3- Melbourne - Sydney
Leg 4- Sydney - Johannesburg   
Leg 5- Johannesburg - Pretoria
Leg 6- Pretoria - Amman          ZHPS
Leg 7- Amman - Jerusalem - Tel Aviv
Leg 8- Tel Aviv - Budapest     
Leg 9- Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna
Leg 10- Vienna - Madrid
Leg 11- Madrid - Toronto
Leg 12- Toronto - Nashville

- Adam & Bethany
- Kim & Alli
- Hayley & Blair
- Justin & Dana
- Tiffany & Krista
- Josh & Tanner
- Scott & Blair
- Sherri & Cole
- Burnie & Ashley
- Matt & Redmond
- Becca & Floyd
- Tara & Joey

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ok need race that has Four Oceania Legs cant be Australia or new Zealand  Indonesia Nepal X2 China  Finnland X2 Denmark

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ok need race that has Four Oceania Legs cant be Australia or new Zealand  Indonesia Nepal X2 China  Finland X2 Denmark

STARTING LINE: Cupid's Span - San Francisco, California, USA

Leg 1 - San Francisco --> Qingdao, China

Leg 2 - Qingdao --> Port Vila, Vanuatu

Leg 3 - Other destination in Vanuatu

Leg 4 - Vanuatu --> Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Leg 5 - Various locations in western Papua New Guinea

Leg 6 - Papua New Guinea --> Jayapura, Indonesia (Crossing the border
by foot and then going to Jayapura by motorised transport)

Leg 7 - Jayapura --> Kathmandu, Nepal

Leg 8 - Kathmandu --> Pokhara

Leg 9 - Pokhara --> Helsinki --> Vantaa, Finland (Hobby-horsing-task)

Leg 10 - Vantaa --> Oulu (Air guitar task)

Leg 11 - Oulu --> Copenhagen --> Tórshavn, Faroe Islands (Denmark)

Leg 12 - Tórshavn --> Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

FINISH LINE: Spoonbridge and Cherry in the Walker Art Center’s Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Both the start and finish line monuments are made by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. This makes for a good ending imo, as the race ends in a same type location as where it starts.

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Tar 30; Route Wishlist

Startline; Denver, Colorado

Leg 1: Fraser Island, Australia
Leg 2: Brisbane & Gold Coast, Australia
Leg 3: Kyoto, Japan
Leg 4: Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
Leg 5: Udaipur, India
Leg 6: Jaislamer & The Thar Desert, India
Leg 7: Cape Town, South Africa
Leg 8: Schtellenbosch, Hermanus & Garden Route, South Africa
Leg 9: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Leg 10: Mostar & Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Leg 11: Barcelona, Spain
Leg 12: Miami or Orlando & Tampa, Florida

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TAR 30 Wishlist (Taking into account Fiji & Taiwan tourism boards as sponsors)

Leg 1: New York City, USA -> Johannesburg, South Africa
Leg 2: Johannesburg, South Africa -> Antananarivo, Madagascar NEL
Leg 3: Antananarivo, Madagascar -> Chefchaouen, Morocco
Leg 4:  Chefchaouen, Morocco -> Lisbon, Portugal (Train Station) -> Porto, Portugal
Leg 5: Porto, Portugal -> Helsinki, Finland (Train Station) -> Rovaniemi, Finland W-Turn
Leg 6: Rovaniemi, Finland -> Sofia, Bulgaria NEL
Leg 7: Sofia, Bulgaria -> Yangon, Myanmar
Leg 8: Yangon, Myanmar -> Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Bus Station) -> Malacca, Malaysia NEL
Leg 9: Malacca, Malaysia -> Taipei, Taiwan
Leg 10: Taipei, Taiwan -> Melbourne, Australia W-Turn
Leg 11: Melbourne, Australia -> Nadi, Fiji
Leg 12: Nadi, Fiji -> San Francisco, USA

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Hey guys, please consider this route. It's a unique idea that hasn't been done in a while but it will bring some great challenges to the race.

(United States - Iceland)
(Iceland - Ireland)
(Ireland - Spain)
(Spain - Madagascar)
(Madagascar - Brazil)
(Brazil - Fiji)
(Fiji - China)
(China - Myanmar)
(Myanmar - United States)

Leg 1 Los Angeles, United States - Reykjavik, Iceland

This would be one of the most challenging legs of the race, forcing teams to do challenges in the icy cold similar to switzerland legs.

Leg 2 Reykjavik, Iceland - Cork, Ireland

In Cork teams would participate in challenges relating to traditional Irish culture, as Cork is known as one of the cultural capitols of Europe.

Leg 3 Cork, Ireland - Barcelona, Spain U-Turn x2

This leg would feature a daunting and lengthy day long drive from Cork to Barcelona, similar to the Belem to Morocco drive in season 3. Barcelona and its coast would also be a good place to have a nighttime leg, allowing teams behind to catch up while the others waited for nighttime. It would also contain the first U-Turn.

Leg 4 Barcelona, Spain - Antananarivo, Madagascar
Non Elimination Continuous

This leg would have teams travelling to the capital of Madagascar and performing challenges relating to the culture of Madagascar. It would also be a non elimination leg and a nonstop leg, as the next one would begin subsequently.

Leg 5 Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Madagascar

This leg would give teams the great opportunity to explore the wildlife of the eighth continent, as they travel east to a national park of Madagascar. 

Leg 6 Antananarivo, Madagascar - Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil

This leg is the first time the race has turned back and changed its direction since season 8. Iguacu falls in Brazil would be this leg's location, as the wildlife and culture would be the topic of challenges.

Leg 7 Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil - Suva, Fiji

This would be the "beach leg" of the season, and also contain challenges portaining to local culture of Fiji, similar to French Polynesia in season 22.

Leg 8 Suva, Fiji - Lhasa, China
Non Elimination Continuous

Although China has been a frequent location for the race, western china has been mostly excluded. This leg would give teams an opportunity to visit the amazing scenery of Tibet, and would also be a non elimination nonstop leg.

Leg 9 Kashgar, China
U-Turn x2

Western China is culturally and ethnically very different from the large cities in the East. Kashgar is a mostly Muslim area, which a different culture than the rest of China. This leg would be a great chaotic Asian leg, as Kashgar is full of chaotic markets. It would also contain the second U-Turn

Leg 10 Kashgar, China - Yangon, Myanmar
Non Elimination

Myanmar is a first for the race, and has a very unique culture. Yangon would also give teams the opporunity for an aquatic challenge in Yangon's chaotic streets and seas. It would also be a non elimination leg.

Leg 11 Old Bagan, Myanmar

This leg would have teams travel to the ancient city of Bagan, and perform several challenges in the ruins, very similar to leg 3 of season 19 where teams visited the Borobudur.

Leg 12 Old Bagan, Myanmar - United States

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To drive from Cork to Barcelona would take about 26 hours not including rests and getting lost. You would also have to cross the Irish Sea as well as the English channel. That is logistically impossible. The drive from Sintra to Tangier is 8 hours including a ferry.

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The main challenge of the leg would be the massive drive. It's acknowledged that teams would get vastly separated and probably have to take rests, hence why there would be a "hold" area in Barcelona, possibly at a club or something so that teams could wait until nightfall when they would catch up. There would be no roadblock for that leg, because it has one detour and U-Turn.

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You can/should use [img width=#][/img] to reduce the size of your map

And I concur that, while the route is nice, albeit a little clusterf***y, the drive from Cork to Barcelona is a logistical impossibility.
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Ok, it doesn't have to be a drive from Cork to Narcelona. The main point of the route is that every meridian it crosses is crossed twice like season 8, and it travels past north America twice like season 13.