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S22:Ep1 "You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tri" Challenge Info & Spoilers

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So far a title other than Redemption Island has not been released for Ep. 1.  So for now we'll go with RI and change as more info becomes available.  Thanks for the title Prophet

This thread is for all info pertaining to Ep. 1.  Spoilers, vidcaps, promos, etc.   All discussion is welcome.  Let's make this a great Survivor season.  


Black Whale from sucks says Stephanie Valencia & Phillip Sheppard will be the 1st ones voted out of their tribes.
missyae from skills (formerly of sucks) says Stephanie will be voted out week 1

more to come as it becomes available

Dream Team Challenge

Immunity Challenge is the pushing the stairs task. Survivors push stairs, cutting the ropes, and the solving the puzzle.

We don't think there is a reward challege per se....

Isn't this episode 1?


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