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Maybe y'all can figure this out?

Caper found this:

--- Quote from: caper on January 30, 2011, 12:54:25 PM ---Face book post: Jan. 26

How could i forget this..jana me and my boss gave a lift to two french ladies plus a camera man who were participating in the amazing race..from the Kisumu (kenya) Airport junction to Mamboleo junction. What an experience.
serious..they asked us for directions to the the quickest way to reach Eldoret..thats why we took them to Mamboleo junctions..the camera crew van was behind us..Check out for a blue Nissan Sunny KAN 2XXX.

--- End quote ---

I wrote the poster with some questions, and got this in reply:

--- Quote ---Hi, It was on Tuesday 25th between 3.00pm to 4.00pm in the afternoon..the camera crew must have been behind in a white Van..Me and my boss (He is asian) left the office at around 3.15pm..we were rushing to the bank before it closes at 4pm..we could have taken them nearer to Eldoret coz we had enough fuel but opted to drop them at Mamboleo junction coz we had a pressing issue at the bank. They were two gentleman and a lady..the lady seemed french becoz of her accent but the gentlemen spoke fluent english. Regards
--- End quote ---

Aside from the obvious discrepancy...are there any shows filming with teams of three? ???
Clearly not the US, TARA, or AUS versions.

And what IS the name of that similar French version ? I have brain freeze, :lol:

Voulez Vouz Gendarme! (lol random French that I know)

The French one is Pekin Express, peach.  :<3
Here's the link, I know you are a Francophone. :lol:

Yep. It seems that it is indeed Pekin Express, Season 6!,_la_route_des_grands_fauves

Kenya is there! :hearts:

Cocoa is right. It has to be the french Pekin Express, even the dates match.
copy from Wikipedia
La sixième saison de Pékin Express est entrée en production au mois de Janvier 2011. Elle se compose de 12 étapes, le début du jeu démarrant à Rosette en Egypte. Puis les candidats traversent le Kenya et la Tanzanie. La finale se déroule à Cape Town en Afrique du Sud le 22 février 2011.

The sixth season of the Pekin express is starting production in January 2011. It includes 12 legs and the start of the race will be in Rosette in Egypt. (If I remember correctly Rosette is in the north of Egypt near Alexandria and that's were the famous Rosetta Stone was found). Afterwards the contestants will pass through Kenya and Tanzania. The finale will take place in Cape Town in South Africa on February 22.

It's indeed amazing since they will be travelling across Africa from North to South.

Good job everyone!!

:lol3: Well, thanks to caper, it looks like we have the first spoilers for Pekin Express!! :jumpy:

RFF is awesome....   :jam:


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