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Title find credit to The Prophet!

--- Quote ---Episode Synopsis: THE AMAZING RACE 18 Premiere “Head Down and Hold On” (Season 18 Episode 1) – At the start of the 18th installment of the multi Emmy Award-winning series THE AMAZING RACE, eleven teams begin their journey in Palm Springs, Ca. where they must search the desert laced with paper airplanes for a clue to their first destination on THE AMAZING RACE: UNFINISHED BUSINESS, premiering on Sunday, Feb. 20 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.
--- End quote ---

From woden's awesome Timeline:


EP01: Palm Springs, California (USA) to Manly, Australia (via Sydney, Australia)
EVIDENCE: Abundant photography! See Coutzy's full album [url=,23837.0.html]here![/b]

Film Date: NOV 20-22
Air Date: FEB 20

Leg Route/Tasks:
STARTING LINE: Whitewater Canyon Windmill Farm, Palm Springs, California (USA) (Source) near corner of 16th Ave. and Rock Mine Rd. (Source)
TASK: Find paper airplane with the words Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services (Source)

ROUTE INFO: Travel to LAX and fly to Sydney, Australia
FLIGHT INFO: QF12 (DEP; ARR 9:59am) for Margie/Luke, Jaime/Cara, Jet/Cord, Ron/Christina, Kent/Vyxsin, Zev/Justin, Mel/Mike, Herb/Nate; QF108 (DEP 11:50pm; ARR 9:56am) for Gary/Mallory, Amanda/Kris, Jen/LaKisha
LAX EVIDENCE: Sightings/tweets (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3),
SYDNEY DESTINATION EVIDENCE: Kent/Vyxsin spotted buying Australia reference guide at LAX (Source), gate sightings at LAX (Source), airport sightings in Sydney (Source 1), (Source 2), (Amanda/Kris Photo at LAX)
TIMING: Jen/LaKisha leave airport at 10:19am followed by Amanda/Kris; Gary/Mallory IN airport at 10:30am

ROUTE INFO/DETOUR?: Domestic train from airport to Circular Quay and on to Harbour Bridge; collect clue at tall ship outside Waterfront Restaurant (The Rocks at Campbell's Cove)
EVIDENCE: Multiple sightings at Ciruclar Quay (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3), (Video 1), live sightings at bridge (Source 1), (Source 2); local info concerning destination (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3), sighting of set up (Source), (Photos 1)
TIMING: Some teams present between 10:59 and 11:13am, Herb/Nate spotted at Harbour Bridge between 11:18am and 11:23am, behind a few other teams (Source); Margie/Luke and Jaime/Cara spotted at Circular Quay around 11:30am, Zev/Justin spotted ahead of Margie/Luke & Jaime/Cara and Kent/Vyxsin, Mel/Mike, & Ron/Christina spotted behind (Source);

ROUTE INFO: Travel by ferry to Manly (ferries depart every half hour); some teams on site approximately 12:13pm
EVIDENCE: Sighting (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3), (Source 4), (Source 5)
TEAMS ON FERRY 1 (11:15-20am): Amanda/Kris, Gary/Mallory, LaKisha/Jen (Source)
TEAMS ON FERRY 2: Herb/Nate, Margie/Luke, Jaime/Cara, Zev/Justin, Kent/Vyxsin, Ron/Christina, Mel/Mike (Source), (Video 1)
TEAMS ON FERRY 3: Jet/Cord (Source)

ROADBLOCK?: Swimming task at Ocean World in Manly (likely at Shark Dive XTreme) to obtain metallic object?
EVIDENCE: Live information (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3)
TIMING: Gary Mallory 1st (at Ocean World at 11:52am; depart 1st at 12:55pm) Amanda/Kris 2nd (departing at 1:14pm), LaKisha/Jen 3rd (departing at 1:14pm); Jaime/Cara, Herb/Nate, Margie/Luke, Kent/Vyxsin, Zev/Justin arrive in Manly at 12:38pm; Mel/Mike and Ron/Christina arrive next at 12:44pm, Jet/Cord arrive in last at 1:03pm; Zev/Justin depart at 1:25pm; Margie/Luke, Jaime/Cara, and Herb/Nate depart 1:40pm (Margie/Luke and Jaime/Cara return at 1:45pm for directions); Jet/Cord depart 1:54pm (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3), teams arriving mostly between 12:00pm and 1:57pm, see Source for more details (Source 4), (Source 5: Play-By-Play Details), ( Cluebox Photo), (Kent/Vyxsin Photo), (Jen/LaKisha Photo), (Photo 1), (Photos 2)

ROUTE INFO: Travel by taxi to Manly Yacht Club, perform sailing task 200 meters from dock
EVIDENCE: Live information (Source), (Source 2),  (Source 3),
TIMING: Jaime/Cara and Margie/Luke working together at club

FALSE PIT STOP: Shelley Beach/Cabbage Tree Bay
EVIDENCE: Live information (Source 1), (Source 2)
TIMING: Gary/Mallory arrive, Amanda/Kris en route (approximately 2:15pm) and arrive shortly after, Jen/LaKisha arrive 2:31pm, turn back, and return (Source 1), (Source 2), Zev/Justin arrive 2:38pm (Source), Herb/Nate arrive 2:59pm (Source), Jaime/Cara arrive 3:03pm (Source), Margie/Luke arrive 3:09pm (Source), Ron/Christina arrive 3:14pm with Mel/Mike close behind (Source), Kent/Vyxsin arrive 3:32pm (Source)

ROUTE INFO: Continue on to next location in Sydney (TBC)
EVIDENCE: Phil seen taking clue from under mat (Source), confirmed by local insider (Source), (Photos)


Bridge climb and/or tasks around Pitt Street/Castlereigh Street area
EVIDENCE: Information from teams' travel book (Source)

Travel by train/ferry (?) to Lavender Bay
EVIDENCE: Sighting by station manager, others (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3)

Tasks at/around Darling Harbour
EVIDENCE: Possible sighting (Source)

Safe from Elimination at End of Leg: Everyone (TBC)

The first preview and all the pre-season promos and their caps can be found here:,24253.0.html

ep 1 PIP:

caps here:,24641.msg589442.html#msg589442


ep 1 0214 promo:

caps here:,24641.msg589599.html#msg589599

Million Dollar Fails: (ouch, CBS!)

Phil Intro, Second Chances

caps here:,24641.msg589768.html#msg589768

Promo thanks to colav10!!!

Episode Maps!

Lovely ones from Neobie!


One Hour premiere, still no title. :groan:

Will unlock this later this week.....


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