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Take the Money and Run

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--- Quote from: SuperTux on September 02, 2011, 10:29:33 AM ---Raul, one contestant from EP1, told the fans on Facebook that there was a lot of things that didn't show in an episode. There must be many things that we can't know...

--- End quote ---

What things could they not show? :duno: ???

But I have a feeling that tonight's episode will be better than the last three. It's time for the criminals to win again, especially since it's the finale, so I would bet my money (no pun intended :lol:) on that result.

I remember one accomplice from EP1 said on Facebook that those detectives actually asked much more questions -- mostly stupid ones --  of him. He said EP1 didn't show the scenarios in which he cleverly cheated them :lol:

Never mind, I posted something here that was incorrect by mistake.  :groan:


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