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We've been hearing about this...ABC's answer to TAR>

TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN (ABC) - The "heart stopping competition" series, featuring "a game of cat and mouse between two teams," is set to launch Thursday, April 14 at 8:00/7:00c. Six episodes have been ordered of the project, which comes from "The Amazing Race" executive producers Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram van Munster, Jonathan Littman and Elise Doganieri.

Read more:  Wednesday, January 19 | TheFutonCritic.com http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2011/01/19/development-update-wednesday-january-19-732524/9075/#ixzz1Bo1qpZgO

This was in the ABC casting site, and there were many more casting notices for SF Bay Area, suggesting that may be the first stop.

--- Quote ---From the producers of The Amazing Race, CSI, and Cold Case comes an entirely new heart stopping competition show for ABC called Take the Money and Run.

The series is a game of cat and mouse between two teams. The week long filming process will be an experience to remember. The perfect, two-person team would be energetic, confident and competitive. We are looking for teams that know their cities like the back of their hand and are ready for the ultimate rush to try and win $100,000!!!

Casting Directors are currently searching for exciting teams in the following areas:
Northern California's Bay Area
Florida's Broward County and Miami
Chicago, IL

Please send your email submission before the December 2nd deadline to: Takethemoneycasting@gmail.com
--- End quote ---

And this as well from EW:

ABC books new reality series from Jerry Bruckheimer
by Lynette Rice

Sure, it may share the same title of the 1969 mockumentary, but don’t go looking for Woody Allen’s Virgil Starkwell anywhere: ABC is expected to announce that it will air a new competition show from Jerry Bruckheimer called Take the Money and Run. The show will bow on Thursday, April 14 and air for six weeks through May 19. It is expected to replace Wipeout, which will have completed its winter run.

The unscripted series, which was previously dubbed Catch Me, features teammates competing in an adrenaline-fueled adventure game. Bertram Van Munster, who executive produces The Amazing Race with Bruckheimer, will also serve as an EP on Run.


It should be another flop. :lol:

Looks like we have a date!

ABC Says ‘Take the Money and Run’
09 Feb 2011 : 
It has been announced that US network, ABC will launch the American format of Wild Rover’s show, ‘Take the Money and Run’ on April 14th. The format, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, was originally developed by Wild Rover’s Philip Morrow alongside Matthew Worthy and Kieran Doherty.

Jerry Bruckheimer, the US producer behind ‘CSI’ and ‘The Amazing Race’, teamed with ‘Amazing Race’ creator Bertram van Munster to produce six episodes for US network ABC and the show has now nabbed the network’s in the 8pm Thursday time-slot.

‘Take the Money and Run’ was created by Wild Rover’s Philip Morrow (Secret Fortune), Matthew Worthy (Scratch and Sniff’s Den of Doom) and Kieran Doherty (writer, Sesame Tree). The series is a game of cat and mouse between a pair of two-people teams. In a previous interview with IFTN Philip Morrow did not wish to give anything away about the show’s concept, but did tell us that the series will challenge participants to commit the perfect crime and get away with it. The winning team will walk away with $100,000.

The ABC series’ executive producers are Jerry Bruckheimer, multi Emmy winners Bertram van Munster (The Amazing Race), Elise Doganieri (The Amazing Race Asia), Jonathan Littman (Chase) and Philip Morrow. The series is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Profiles TV and Horizon Alternative TV.

Wild Rover productions have retained UK and Ireland rights to the format and, when asked if Irish and British audiences can expect to see a home-grown version of the show Philip told IFTN he was optimistic this will be the case “Indeed, we’re seeing a growth in the level of interest in the format, on the back of ABC using it.” he explained.


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