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TAR18: Zev Glassenberg & Justin Kanew (friends)

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This is pretty funny.  Zev & Justin crash the open call for TAR20.

Here are some hilarious Tweets from Justin last night. Z&J were at the Golden Globes afterparty to support Mike White and his HBO comedy 'Enlightened'. Justin posted a few pictures of Zev with various celebrities for everyone to enjoy:

'HBO after party, @zevglassenberg hanging with winner Kate Winslet...'

'PIC: @zevglassenberg hanging with Apatow & Stamos last night.'

'PIC: @zevglassenberg hanging with @iamdiddy and Swizz Beatz. Like 3 peas in a pod.'

'PIC: @zevglassenberg having a drink with Harrison Ford.'

'Highlight of the Night: Andre 'Bubbles' Royo from The Wire was a huge @AmazingRace_CBS fan. Good hang with Bubs.'

Zev and Justin are having PHIL this week on their radio show!

--- Quote ---YO PEACH -- our guest on #LetsGetDigital this wednesday at 6pm PST is none other than our man PHIL KEOGHAN! With The Race finale this week, the timing couldn't be more perfect... spread the word...

Watch LIVE: & Ustream 6pm pst... and anyone can call in! 1-855-878-4652 --- let's hear some chatter!
--- End quote ---

Love the pics of Zev "with" celebs.

One of my fAvorite teAms. If only that passport...


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