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TAR18: Gary Ervin & Mallory Ervin (father/daughter)

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Well they certainly fully justified their appearing on the Unfinished Business season.  I liked them, particularly Mallory, on 17 but it was really on this season that they came into their own and made me understand why they are so popular.  Brook was really the bright spark for 17, and I thought Mallory took over that role more with 18.  To me this season really ended with the penultimate leg, the last leg is best forgotten as it seems an anticlimax in every way.

Gary Ervin posted this fundraiser on his Facebook page and he included a bittersweet note about one of Gary and Mallory's high points on TAR. It touched me and I thought I'd share it with everyone. It looks like a good cause.

Two years ago Mallory and I won our first leg on the Amazing Race in Calcutta, India. Little did we know the same day my nephew, a Marine deployed in Afghanistan lost both legs.

Homes for our troops (4 star rated by Charity Navigator) h
as helped many wounded warriors and I just want to pass this along. Thanks to all that have already given.

Gary Ervin

What a great cause. Thank you for sharing!

Gary and Mallory were asked to share this spiritual moment as a promo for Life of Pi!


Gary went up Mount Everest!


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