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TAR18: Gary Ervin & Mallory Ervin (father/daughter)

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Amazing Race's Gary and Mallory: Our Cabbie Lost Us $1 Million

Amazing Race Afterthoughts with Gary and Mallory

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business - Exclusive Interview with Gary and Mallory Ervin

Exclusive: Mallory and Gary Ervin talk about 'The Amazing Race'

Sterling will go down in TAR history.  (:;) I think they could have another Unfinished Business: I hate cabbies edition.  :lol:

Reality Dish Interview w/Gary & Mallory Ervin – The Amazing Race

Gary and Mallory’s 'Amazing Race' experience not tainted by bad cab driver

Thx for all the links!

I've begun watching TAR with season 17 and G/M are my favourites! With a better taxi they would have won, they were great at the challenges!


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