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TAR18: LaKisha Hoffman & Jennifer Hoffman (sisters)

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True! :hearts: Loved them more this time!

Peace, Love, TAR! :D:
I love Jen's quotes this season
"For the record, I did not piss away one million dollars"
"I will NOT drink four bottles of water on my way to the pit stop"


ĽAlso of The Amazing Race Jennifer Hoffman and Gary and Mallory Ervin on Sunday from Noon-5 p.m. in the North Wing.

Continue reading on Cars, Stars and Going Gaga at Carl Casper Custom and Louisville New Car Show - Louisville Kentucky Expo Center |

I'm definitely feeling more love for this team this season. The sisters are generally nice and worked well together.. and more encouraging to one another this time round. I bet the producers wanted to see more drama between them and Luke.. but they didn't get their wish (for now).

Jen at the Louisville car show yesterday.


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