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TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)

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I'm not a fan of Jaime, but her dream meal made my mouth water.

'The Amazing Race' exit interview: Jaime and Cara

Mister RC:
According to the Mayne Event (a segment on NFL Sunday Countdown on ESPN), looks like former contestant, Jaime Edmondson from TAR14 and UB is expecting (with Evan Longoria).  No video of that segment, but here's a tweet that mentions it.

Jaime and Evan welcome their daughter to the world!

She was a little early but all is well!


Elle Leona Longoria 2/20/13
4.1 pounds 18 inches
Welcome to the world xoxo  

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Congratulations, Jaime!!!


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