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TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)

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Excerpt from E!

--- Quote ---"I felt there was an exception made, personally," Jaime Edmondson complained to us today about the wrist-slap that let the Goths advance in the game while she and pal Cara Rosenthal were eliminated.

"The fact of the matter is," Cara added, "Kent and Vyxsin were the only team of all the teams that did not get on the mandatory flight...This leg was a very tough pill for Jaime and I to swallow."

Cara insists it's not sour grapes, recalling the entire group's discussion before the Goths finally reunited with the rest of the racers at a train station in China. "All the teams were pretty united in feeling it would be horribly unfair considering they had 11 hours to complete a task—the task was to navigate yourself to the airport two hours from where we were to get on mandatory flight—they had 11 hours to do it in."

"It didn't seem quite fair. We were really miffed they were allowed to keep racing."

The cheerleaders believe that if that particular flight was "mandatory," the Goths should've been forced "to wait 24 hours for the next time that particular flight left...They said, 'All teams must take this mandatory flight.' They missed it, and then they only received a 30-minute penalty for what would've taken them 24 hours. I didn't think 30 minutes was a comparable punishment for missing a mandatory flight we all managed to make it to."

"Equally disheartening," Cara said, was the fact that Kent and Vyxsin lied about having car trouble instead of admitting they got lost. "I felt like that was an attempt to make us all feel bad for them, like Oh, poor Kent and Vyxsin and their broken-down car. And we did!"

Cara said the redheads sympathized with the Goths' "plight" even as they were being sent home by host Phil Keoghan on the finishers mat, telling the host, "I feel bad for them—it was completely out of their control. We know how that feels. We've been in many a taxi cab that has changed the course of the race because it was out of our control."

Now, Cara says she feels like "an idiot" for believing the Goths' tale: "I can understand not wanting to show all your cards or tell about a penalty, but to make up a whole convoluted story when it was your own lack of navigational skill? At least be honest about that."

"I felt legitimately bad for them at the time. Now I'm like, Really? How manipulative."

But the cheerleaders don't fault Kent and Vyxsin for double U-turning them—forcing them to complete an extra challenge. "We took that in stride," Cara said. "We took it like champs—we don't hold it against them. But lie to me? I'm not a big fan of liars."

--- End quote ---

Thanks for always sharing after-elimination interviews, slayton! :tup:


--- Quote ---You were known as the mean girls during your first season. Do you hope fans have a different impression of you this time around?
Jaime: I hope so! Yeah, I mean, we're just two girls that are competitive and driven and we never intentionally try to be mean and hopefully people saw that this time.

The first three teams eliminated so far have been from Season 14. What's up with that?
Cara: I know! It seems like a curse. I don't know what's going on!

Would you come back for a third Race?
Jaime: Sure or Survivor. [Laughs] I'd like to do Survivor! I always try to tell the casting lady, "Wouldn't it be fun if you did a version where you took different people from different [reality] shows and put them together because everyone would think they would already know them having watched them in their respective shows? But you never know how people behave in certain situations." I thought that would be a fun one. They haven't fallen for it yet. I would totally embrace that villain role on Survivor though!
--- End quote ---

Definitely love and liked them more this season. As with the Survivor idea... ROCK ON.

But no more Russell.

I dare them to do a version of TAR VS BB VS SURVIVOR. Epic!!! :jam: :lol3:


--- Quote ---I would never be mad at someone for using a tool that was given to you.

--- End quote ---

This. One thousand times this.


--- Quote from: Coutzy on March 22, 2011, 11:56:04 AM ---
--- Quote ---I would never be mad at someone for using a tool that was given to you.

--- End quote ---

This. One thousand times this.

--- End quote ---

But fair to hate the darn tool.  :knuckles:


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