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--- Quote ---Since their initial run, Kent and Vyxsin have been staying in the spotlight. They have been regular co-hosts on the TV Guide Network and have also guest-starred on “Hannah Montana,” “Shear Genius,” “Bones” and “The Big Bang Theory.”
--- End quote ---

I remember seeing them in Bones but not the Big Bang Theory and I' ve watched all the episodes.
Does anybody remember the episode that they appeared in Bing Bang Theory?

nvm, I found it. It was season 3 episode 3 called "The Gothowitz deviation". I wasn't a TAR fan when it aired so I didn't recognise them

Testing my Kent and Vyxsin avatar

Love this!

--- Quote ---As for why The Amazing Race continues to amaze and entertain, consider this reminiscence from Goths Kent (Kaliber) and Vyxsin (Fiala), who are used to being stared at, or worse, when they're spotted at home. Asked what their most memorable moment was from their first Amazing Race, Kent (Kaliber) replied, "Arriving at the magical masquerade village in Vilnius, Lithuania. Everyone was dressed from head-to-toe in mythical costumes. The costumes, the creativity and the decadence reminded me of the sci-fi and Comic-Con conventions that Vyxsin and I love to go to every year."

In that one moment, The Amazing Race had more to say about diversity, tolerance and our ever- expanding global village than almost anything else on TV.
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Keoghan explains the show's picks below.

Kent and Vyxin Season 12, 5th place
Last we saw them: Already handicapped with a Speed Bump, they unwisely U-Turned a team that was in front of them in India, rendering it void.
Why they deserve a second chance: Well, they're pink Goths! "People always ask what they need to do to get on The Amazing Race. I always use Kent and Vyxin as an example," Keoghan says. "They epitomized what we're looking for, but they illustrate we don't know what we're looking for. Their personalities are also the antithesis of what you'd expect to come from people who dress as Goths." Keoghan also has a special connection with them: Kent's dad recently died from multiple sclerosis, and the couple came out for Keoghan on his bicycle ride across the United States in support of MS. Keoghan's journey is documented in his new film, The Ride, which features Kent, Vyxin and his dad. "They love the idea that their dad lives on in the film. A huge part of it was for them to run the Race again in memory of him."

Goth couple in CBS' 'Amazing Race' have Huntsville ties
Published: Sunday, February 20, 2011, 10:39 AM
 By Chris Welch, The Huntsville Times
Vyxsin Fiala, center, with her parents Frank and Kay Fiala of Huntsville. Vyxsin is in this year's "Amazing Race: Unfinished Business"

HUNTSVILLE, AL. - America's favorite, flamboyant Goth couple with ties to Huntsville are back on the 2011 "Amazing Race: Unfinished Business," which premieres tonight at 7 on CBS (WHNT-TV Channel 19 locally).

Kent Kaliber (formerly Cothron) and Vyxsin Fiala are competing again on this year's "Amazing Race," which is giving losing teams from previous races another chance. Kaliber and Fiala were eliminated during the 2008 "Amazing Race" in Mumbai, India.

Fiala is the daughter of Kay and Frank Fiala, who have lived in Huntsville five years after retiring here with their parents. Kent and Vyxsin trained for the 2008 race and some last fall in Huntsville for this race under the direction of Fiala's father, an Army artillery officer. Kaliber is from Louisville, Ky.

"Things have been pretty exciting," Fiala said in a phone interview from Los Angeles, where she and Kaliber are doing some modeling. "We did our first 'Amazing Race' a couple of years ago, and obviously we felt it was just a gift to get to do it. We've been fans of the show ever since and never thought we'd get to do it again.

"Not long ago, we got a phone call saying they were doing an all-star version of the race, and 'How would you feel about doing it again?' Kent and I were jumping up and down. For us, it was like lightening striking us twice."

This year's show features 11 teams of veteran contestants who have never won the show's $1 million grand prize as they set off from a wind farm in Palm Springs, Calif., for Sydney, Australia. The show was taped last fall, and contestants have signed a confidentiality agreement not to reveal the results, but CBS has released a photo of Vyxsin in a shark tank with diving gear.

"All the teams are amazing and were good enough to win," Fiala said. "I think heading into this one, we're more nervous than the first time. These guys are pros and know all the tricks.

"I've got to tell you I was feeling pretty intimidated before we left, but Kent told me, 'You know what we all have in common? We've all lost, but that means they've all proven beatable.' I thought, 'Hey, that's true.'"

Fiala feels a special connection to Huntsville because both her parents and grandparents live here, and she visited last Christmas. Sadly, her grandmother, Virginia Voet, died of a stroke right before Kaliber and Fiala were invited to this year's race. Kaliber's father, Bill, also died of a heart attack last year, but getting into the "Amazing Race" helped raise the spirits of the couple and their families.

"Getting this news on the tail of something so sad cheered people up," Fiala said. "It also sort of made it deeper and more personal about this race. Having the opportunity to do it for ourselves is great, but to help cheer up our families and give them something to talk about was nice."

Kaliber says Fiala's parents "feel like such rock stars" because during the first "Amazing Race" friends, family and others were asking about their daughter at the grocery store and all around town.

"We think she's the rock star; we're just in the background," her mother said. "We have a lot of excitement with friends and family. People call us and see her on TV, and just to know somebody that's on TV is exciting.

"We were proud of her and Kent for everything they went through (during the first race). Having talked with her since, we realize it's very difficult. We didn't worry too much, but we prayed a lot.

"We're just so happy for them. To get to do it twice is really nice."


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