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In TAR 1-10, eliminated teams were sent to "Sequestorville." In TAR 11-17, eliminated teams were sent to the "Elimination Station." All races were west to east, unless otherwise noted. Here is a list of locations.

Sequestorvilles( no videos provided by CBS)
TAR 1     Paris, France
TAR 2     Cancun, Mexico
TAR 3     Lisboa, Portugal
TAR 4     Lisboa, Portgual
TAR 5     Thailand
TAR 6     Cancun, Mexico
TAR 7     Cancun, Mexico
TAR 8     Gamboa, Panama  clockwise around Noth America and Central America, starting in NYC.
TAR 9     Lisboa, Portugal
TAR 10   Porto, Portugal      East to West

Elimination Stations (videos provided by CBS)
TAR 11   Acapulco, Mexico
TAR 12   Portugal
TAR 13   Acapulco, Mexico   East to West
TAR 14   Ko Samui, Thailand
TAR 15   Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam                 East to West
TAR 16   Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
TAR 17   Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Sequestorvilles (no video provided by CBS)
TAR 18   Thailand, probably at Ko Samui                 East to West

With thanks and credit to  RFF's the_schnauzers and TAR racers Bill Bartek, Andrew Shayde, Tian Kitchen, Jaree Poteet, Linda Ruiz, Kris Buehler, Ray Housteau, Tammy Gaghan, Eric Sanchez, Mary Conley and CBS.

Nice list!! Great to see a master list of all of them together.  :hearts:

Reilly Queens:
Wow, I never knew Portugal was so popular with TAR  :lol:


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on January 18, 2011, 04:23:25 PM ---Nice list!! Great to see a master list of all of them together.  :hearts:

--- End quote ---

I am still working on a couple of "cities," and will edit them in when I hear back.


--- Quote ---Kris Buehler
--- End quote ---

So Jon and Kris (TAR 6) finally tied the knot. Didn't know that. I remember hearing they were finally engaged, but not that the wedding had taken place. (Still one of my favorite TAR teams, btw.)

And I was glad to help you get this started; although trying to remember this particular set of details up to ten years later is tough, let me tell you!


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