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Give it some time please...I need to check. We have had one now for several years, so am sure we will again.

If anyone would like to be included, just put your name here and we'll get invites out in the next week or two!

Reilly Queens:
I would like to join!  :kuss:

I think my name is TheCinera on the league.  I'm new to this cbs fantasy stuff.

PS.  Peach - clean your PM inbox!

RFF has a very good team every year. If you want to play, we need the name and the email address you used to register. S1 does all this, I just want to be sure we don't already have our RFF team set up before starting another. We'll work on this, still almost a month to work out the details!

You should be able to send a message now Cinera!

Reilly Queens:


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