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OMG what a great season opener! :wohoo:

 Philip is one PARNOID  :hides guy! B:) he couldt STFU for his own well being! but it was hsterical to see him blunder francesca name over and  over :lol3:

 and poor francesca all alone now for a few days!  :res:

 definately loving the twist!! and I want philip gone!!  :knuckles:

Kristina  should have known as a fan of the show  if u find the HI u keep it for as long as u can. :groan:

 Big Bold Moves dont work out of the gate!

Kristina just  :killme:  her game!

Indeed great beginning. Unbelievable tribal counsil. I laughed when Rob said that he loved to play with those amateurs that don't know when to keep their mouths shut.

Also interesting to watch the reactions of the players when it was decided in which team Rob and Russel goes.
:lol3: The faces of those that are in Russel's team.

I really really really like Kristina ever since pre-show. It sucks to see her amazing moves get raped by Phillip.
Same goes to Francesca. Phillip is a big retard. Ugh.

And that Tribal Council was one of the best openers. I really did not expect it (although I should because of Phillip's unstableness) at that time. And it hurts to see Kristina heartbroken about this.

Kristina for the win please. And Francesca, please survive Redemption Island! :'(

And oh! One more thing. I really did not like the opening spiels of Jeff. First, it sounded pitchy, vocally-edited. Second, they didn't talk about the Redemption Island which they should have done because it would be a major twist. Third, the way they introduced Rob and Russell was also not glam for me. BUT BUT the Tribal Council really made up for it. ;)

Probts wrote this in his 1st blog it sorta makes me think how far they got. and no i'm not going to spoilers to find out! :lol:

From the moment R and R exited the chopper the energy changed and it stayed that way for the entire 39 days"

It does make you say..... HMMMMMMMM!!!


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