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That's So Raven

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I just remembered this show from when I was younger and went on a Viewing Marathon on YouTube! Had a loads of good laughs! I love this show!  :cmas9 :cmas22 :cmaslol Though it's kind of like a kids show. :hides :cmas19 :cmas31:

I love it! LOL.. a young Kyle Massey and the early version that became Glee!  :cmas20

(at least it seemed like Glee used it as a model...) LOL

Haha! It is indeed hilarious! I love all the the main cast!  :cmas22
Especially Chelsea Daniels(played by Anneliese Van Der Pol) and her cluelessness!  :cmaslol


posting to express appreciation for one of the greatest Disney shows <3


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