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No cars only means they did not self drive. They used taxis.

And no Belle...there are 9 teams seen in the airport, so no one is ruled out except our known eliminated teams.

Just not everyone got a photo.

Which 2teams not seen ?

Good question.  :cmas16

There are pictures of

1. Jaime/Cara
2. Amanda/Kris
3. Kynt/Vyxsin
4. Globtrotters
5. Kisha/Jen
6. Ron/Chris

No pictures of: Mel/Mike, Gary/Mallory, Cowboys, Margie/Luke and Zev/Justin.

I'm assuming that Mel/Mike were one of the 9 teams because we know of their elimination.

So 2 of Gallory, Cowobys, Margie/Luke and Zev/Justin were not seen....if I were a betting man I would probably say Gallory and Cowboys were the 2 teams racing to the finish line, with what looks like either Kynt/Vyxsin or Globtrotters.

My mistake. I missed one. :groan:

There is a photo of Jet, post corrected.


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