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Brian Heidik's CBS.COM Chat Transcript
« on: December 22, 2002, 09:46:28 AM »
Q: Brian, you played an amazing game. At any point did you feel like you had the game all sewn up?
A: I'd say after the final immunity challenge, yes.

Q: Just how painful was that IC?
A: My whole body was aching and it took hours to recoup. Not only mental but physical.

Q: Do you use the same skills to sell cars as you used to win?
A: Of course! *laughs*

Q: Did your tactics EVER hurt your conscience?
A: No, I really had no emotions. My emotions were put aside. I couldn't get emotionally involved, everything was strategic and I used other's emotions to my advantage.

Q: What was your most embarrassing moment on the show?
A: When I get beat by Robb and Ken in the challenge with the baskets and wicker balls on the beach. I was exhausted and I got beat! Rob and Ken kicked my ass! *laughs*

Q: I watched you on the ES today, you said you were going to double, triple, and/or quadruple the money you won. How ya gonna do that?
A: Buy low and sell right. *laughs* ... leverage and hedging.

Q: What's going on with your wife?
A: She looks beautiful! We're doing great. She was at the party and she looked wonderful and you should be able to see her in all the clips. She should be doing a Steven Segal movie in February. We're doing great, thanks for asking.

Q: You made some comments about a woman's role in society. I want to offer you a chance to redeem yourself here. How much of that was tongue in cheek and how much of it was serious?
A: I'd say about 50/50. Women were really taking to their roles though, while the men were taking to their roles of hunting and fishing ... the women were doing the cooking and cleaning. But it was what I observed, so it is true. We were living the stereotypes.

Q: Did you feel the show accurately portrayed you, and the other castaways?
A: I think that we were 75% accurately portrayed.

Q: People are comparing you to Richard Hatch. Are you honored or appalled by that?
A: I think it's great, but there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Brian. *laughs*

Q: What did you think about Penny's questions at the end?
A: Absolutely ridiculous! Her reason for who should win and who shouldn't win was immature, but I expected that from Penny. Excuse me for not knowing her cat's name was Scruffy.

Q: What did you really say to Ken about voting off Ted?
A: Ken is lazy and I expected a lot more out of him.

Q: Brian, did you fear for your life when you were on the elephant?
A: Yes! I just wanted to have lunch. *laughs*

Q: Were you surprised when your wife wouldn't even attempt eating bugs? How did that feel?
A: I encouraged her not to eat them. I wanted her to go back to the hotel and not interfere with my strategy. I didn't want to become more vulnerable.

Q: What did you think about Helen's final speech to you, she seemed like a sore loser to me.
A: Helen was very emotional. At that point, I understood her emotions and I had to let her vent and I just listened to her. Of course, my response was she should have been writing in the sand with me.

Q: Were you disappointed at first when Jan picked you for her tribe?
A: No, I had no emotions, I just wanted to start the game. Way too early to pass judgement ... never judge a book by its cover.

Q: How hard is it to keep quiet about what happens on the show?
A: It's more of an anxiety within yourself. Not knowing, but yet knowing ... it's a very anxious feeling and it's difficult holding information and difficult being patient, so ... secrecy is a virtue and it's a challenge and a talent in its own right.

Q: If you could choose one survivor to never see, or hear from again, who would you choose and why?
A: You guys are bad ... that's so mean, I can't answer that! *laughs*

Q: Suppose Jan pulled off a win in thelast IC. Do you think she would have picked you to go into the final two challenge?
A: Yes, I just know Jan. Should would have thought I deserved it more than Clay.

Q: Did you really feel that Ted owed you a "Thank You" after you blew the road trip reward? Wouldn't you have done the same thing if the tables were turned?
A: He owed me a thank you ... but he thanked me with his vote, so he made it up to me.

Q: If you could relive one day on that island, which day would you relive?
A: The day in the jail where we won the jail break challenge ... that was a wonderful turning point in the game for us. I knew that CG was going all the way.

Q: Jan was such a sweet heart, how tough was it to vote her off?
A: Not hard. She accepted third place beforehand and respected me for my decision.

Q: Did you apply for any of the other survivor shows?
A: No, this was the first time I applied for survivor.

Q: You played the game to a tee ... but a lot of people thought you were just arrogant. How would you respond to that?
A: There's a fine line between arrogance and confidence. I was extremely confident and I enjoyed every day out there.

Q: Did you ever want to give up at any point?
A: The only thing I wanted to give up (which I did subconsciously) was the truck challenge. I really didn't want to win that and I think subconsciously I gave up and misspelled the world. I wanted Helen to win that because I knew she needed a new car. I didn't want to win it because I didn't want a "mutiny on the bounty".

Q: Did you think that Ted really tried to put the moves on Ghandia?
A: There was something going on between those two. That's what ruined it for Ted.

Q: You played the game great. Since we've all heard you've been a soft porn star, will you pose for Playgirl if they asked?
A: Showing my butt is no big deal. No, I will not pose for Playgirl.

Q: What was your hunger level like? It must have been awful.
A: Hunger level was extreme. Always hungry, always talk of food.

Q: What do you think of Ken's question, he seemed to be interrogating you like the cop he is?
A: Ken was jealous and I felt it.

Q: Was survivor harder than you imagined, did it shock you at all?
A: Survivor was extreme and it really is a game of survival.

Q: How did you feel about your outcast mates once you had the opportunity to see what they were saying behind your back? or about the friends you made?
A: Loved it! Loved the comments, loved watching everybody walk down the plank out of tribal council. Glad it wasn't me.

Q: Brian, you really looked like you were gulping during the Q/A period. I could see you really sweating it out. What were you thinking?
A: I was thirsty! *laughs* And I was really controlling my emotions, not allowing myself to be affected by their interrogation.

Q: How did you enjoy eating the disgusting spider?
A: Oh, that was horrible! *laughs* I was mortified ... but I had to eat it. I HAD to eat it.

Q: What is the most surprising thing you found out by watching the shows?
A: Less is more. Observing and listening for forward momentum. Also, I was surprised at how quickly SJ was falling apart.

Q: Brian, were you at all hurt by Clay's comments when asked at the final TC why people should vote against you?
A: No, I was happy with his responses because I knew they were shallow.

Q: Do you think you would have been voted off if Jan and Helen teamed up on you?
A: No, they wouldn't have teamed up against me. Helen or Jan would have done whatever I said if I needed them to. They would have teamed up against Clay.

Q: Why did you pick Clay to go with you on your RC instead of Ted or Helen?
A: Clay and I made a pact early on in the game that whoever won a RC, we'd take the other. It was just a gentleman's pact.

Q: Why did you show us the middle finger while talking about your good friend Clay?
A: *laughs* Oh, it just happened to be the way I was counting down on my fingers and he happened to fall on the middle finger ...

Q: Did you get a Christmas card from Helen?
A: Not yet. *laughs*

Q: Which jury member's question was the toughest for you?
A: Helen's was tough, but I knew I would have to address it.

Q: What was the racist remark that Clay made against Ted? Or was it just a racist remark in general. Not that either is OK.
A: I believe it was just a racist remark in general. I just can't remember exactly what it was, I really can't.

Q: When you were doing the "slip through your fingers" challenge, did it bug you that Jeff kept talking?
A: Yes, that's why he asked me if I'd like it if he stopped asking me questions and I said "Yes, thank you."

Q: Who would you have liked to see win if it wasn't you?
A: Magilla the monkey, because he fooled us all with his sneakiness in the taking of the food.

Q: What does Logan want for Christmas now that you've won the million?
A: Logan's getting a trust fund! *laughs* He's got what he needs, which is LOVE.

Q: Has anyone apologized for their behavior towards you on last night's show? They were quite unfair.
A: Helen's apologized to me. She told me not to take it personal. She was high on her emotions and it was only a game and she's calmed down.

Q: After the video of your wife was shown on the show to everyone, did you think that hurt your chances at the time?
A: Catch 22. If I wouldn't have brought them in, they could have considered me selfish and it could have worked against me even worse. Because, remember, I supplied everybody with cool drinks. In other words, I shared.

Q: How often did you really interface with JP? It seems like he knew you guys really well.
A: Only at TC and the challenges. Jeff is a master as the hose. He is the "Wizard".

Q: In one word, describe the way you played the game.
A: I need two words -- all bizness!!!

Q: Have you ever thought of going into politics? You seem to have all the qualities that a politician needs.
A: I might run for mayor ... seriously. What town, to be announced! *laughs*

Q: Were you surprised when there wasn't a merge?
A: I wasn't surprised about anything out there, I just dealt with the situation and adapted accordingly.

Q: I think Clay had a crush on every woman but Jan, what do you think?
A: I think that's very true! *laughs* Pervert that he is, ha ha! But, that's just Clay.

Q: Other than money, what are you walking away with?
A: A future.

I would just like to express my warmest thanks to everybody that watched, and I hope you enjoyed the performance ... because I enjoyed performing.
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