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Peace, Love, TAR! :D:

--- Quote from: Zvarri on December 13, 2010, 06:27:09 AM ---Was I the only one who cried when they crossed the finish line? Just seeing them win made me so emotional. I'm so proud of them.


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Don't worry I did too! Happy tears!  I have too agree with you all the way!  :cmas9


--- Quote from: Peace, Love, TAR! :D on December 21, 2010, 08:26:15 PM ---
--- Quote from: Zvarri on December 13, 2010, 06:27:09 AM ---Was I the only one who cried when they crossed the finish line? Just seeing them win made me so emotional. I'm so proud of them.


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Don't worry I did too! Happy tears!  I have too agree with you all the way!  :cmas9

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It was an emotional victory for me when Nat and Kat crossed the finish line and i almost tear my eyes but i was so happy and full of smiles with that win.  The Best All Female Team Ever in the Amazing Race!  CHEERS to you, my friend!  :beer:


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--- Quote from: misterblah on December 13, 2010, 10:23:47 AM ---However, Dustin and Kandice will always be the most formidable all-female team on the amazing race.

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Being such a DK fan myself, I agree with you 100%!  :cmas16  :cmas26  :xmas146  :cmas22

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This is not a Dustin and Kandice thread. Only all-female team WINNER gets discussed on this thread. No matter how "formidable" Dustin and Kandice are, they raced twice, lost twice. Formidable indeed. :cmaslol
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Thank you. I am sick of people giving all these backhanded compliments to Nat and Kat. Who cares about Dustin and Kandice? Not only did they lose twice, it took them going on The Amazing Race the second time to get 4 wins and in the final 3. Nat and Kat grabbed the 5th and most important win so they are the better team.  :cmas22

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As a amateur debater, I will rebutt the cons side before ending discussion about D&K.

First of all, thank you everyone for adding to my posts.  I think Nat and Kat truly deserved to win The Amazing Race. I truly mean it. Congratulations to them x374174979420589590!!!!!  :cmas9

I am sorry for talking about Dustin and Kandice in this thread, I promise this will be my last post about them.

Back to my points, by formidable, I meant that no all-female team will ever top Dustin and Kandice's performance, are you people clear with that? Nat and Kat's placing average is 3.1, D&K: 2.92
I never said they should win the Amazing Race. Nat and Kat deserved to win because they played the game smarter.

However compared to Nat and Kat, these girls are just as calm with the exception of flipping out on the final leg. Plus they used their second chance to race very well. They didn't win due to luck but like Nat and Kat, they are extremely smart racers. Nat and Kat won because they were smart enough to keep their lead. Dustin and Kandice lost due to luck. If it weren't for Eric and Danielle becoming a team, they just might've won.

Third, unlike Nat and Kat, they won more legs than them, 6 legs in an entire career (In my opinion, Nat and Kat did not win 5 legs because of the fast forward. To me, a FF is like cheating on the race and to truly win a leg, racers must complete the detour and roadblocks plus other miscellaneous tasks). In addition, Nat and Kat came close to being eliminated twice with one time nearly being non-eliminated.  D&K? no fighting for elimination in all-stars but came close to elim. twice and got eliminated in 4th due to bad luck.

Anyways, my point is: Nat and Kat are the true all-female winners who deserved the million dollars on the amazing race but in my opinion, no all-female team will ever top Dustin and Kandice's performance in a season (2.92), enuff said :)

Thank you and have a merry christmas  :cmastree


I appreciate your statement although Dustin and Kandace are the top performers from all the female teams, but you still recognize about Nat and Kat's victory and outsmarting plays in the race.  I think just for me,  that Nat and Kat were the only Taxi Smart Strategists of this season, and i can't believe that even if you're in the US, you will still encounter some language barriers which Jill and Thomas ended up to and i myself was stunned even though i'm not from the US.

I think that Nat & Kat have been the best team amongst all of this season, and maybe one of the strongest team EVER (no matter M/M, M/F and F/F team).

With taxis, they made wonders. You remember their first place in Hong Kong, beating Jill & Thomas in the raxi ride? They were smart enough to choose a driver that knew where they were going. In the final, that was the best thing they could do, and that taxist worths a million.

They've got the best psyche abilities I've ever seen. I was afraid that they would ever do something like Mika in the Dubai Leap of Faith; no. They were able to beat all their fears such as heights (TWICE), eating a sheep's head and eyeballs, and they kept on being friendly to EVERYONE in the game.

They are one of the only teams who did the best choice at the U-Turn. Not only Chad and Stephany could be hard enemies, but they also kept Brook & Claire in the Game. Hadn't they U-Turned them, the small distance between the 4 girls and C/S in the Roadblock, would have ended in a F/F elimination. And N/K weren't hoping that to happen.

In the end, what else do we need to say? That they should be in a winner edition? OF COURSE!
PS: In case there ever was a winner's edition, it would obviously feature these two. They would be the race's only F/F team, and they could be the first ever team to get the million twice. I'm now rooting for producers to cast them, :lol:

Love them day after day.


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