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EP 12 East Coast FINALE updates and commentary **please read the rules**

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This final will be... GREAT!  :cmas16

Kiwi Jay:
Hi all!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad I am able to watch with y'all tonight!

Should make for a great finale, and possibly even a groundbreaking one...

Don't mind me starting the celebrations early,  :cmas9 as I have to be in school during the Finale.  :cmas4

Whatever the outcome, it has been a great season!  :cmas16

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so, is CBS running Patriots vs. Bears?


--- Quote from: Dånooky on December 12, 2010, 05:18:28 PM ---so, is CBS running Patriots vs. Bears?

--- End quote ---

We had that game, but CBS switched to Dophins/Jets at halftime......


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