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It's a leap of joy when they crossed first in the Final Pit Stop and it was an emotional victory after all.   :cmas4


--- Quote ---The really exciting part of the F7 finale was the American Airlines plane pullout and pullback in San Juan International Airport.  Another exciting part of the AR7 finale was the efforts of Uchenna/Joyce to overcome losing their money after finishing 1 minute behind at the penultimate pit stop due to a flat tire in route there put them behind Ron/Kelly and Rob/Amber; getting around Jamaica without any money was a huge challenge.
--- End quote ---

For those who weren't around then, there was a betting spoiler about Uchenna & Joyce being the winners.  Knowing that and seeing them coming back from so far behind was incredible.

In addition to that, numerous posters at all of the major TAR discussion boards insisted that the final roadblock was in Jamaica because they all had been there in person.  But only Chateau, here at RFF,  figured out ahead of time that it was in Puerto Rico.


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