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Man o' man. Helen was NOT in a good mood tonite! WOW!!! Anyway, I thought that Jeff did a great job at hosting the show and I hope they have him host the next Live show.

Liked the preview for S6 The Amazon. It looks really, really good. And I hope that the all new twist will actually be a twist (remember the twist this year). Just my thoughts!

P.S. Not happy Brian won, oh well, I will keep my mouth shut now :-X

I really enjoyed the Jury and Reunion portions of tonites show.  It was by far one of the best Jurys... most of the survivors asked hard questions... and Jeff hosting the live show REALLY made it interesting.  (No Rosie Fluff, lots of facts from the different events that explained the Behind the scene stuff you didn't see during the show)

Since this is the first entire Survivor show I ever seen.  I enjoyed the live show but I wished they chatted with all the survivors more especially the ones that got booted off early.  And I really didn't need to see Stephanie's audition tape twice since that wasn't the person that we saw on the island.  Shi Ann actually had a great audition tape.  Did anyone see it?


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