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TAR 18 - CAST/Locations: Bitch and Moan and Squeal here! lol

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Ok, so first, I have to say, the AMAZING work that all the spoiler team has done in the first few hours, its nothing short of a miracle what they can do, and that's not the point of this thread, cuz if you complain about them, well, I'll ban you! haha

I'm here to bitch and moan about the cast! I mean, is this really an all star cast (and thats why its in the spoilers board) or is this just kinda a mediocre cast? I mean, some of these teams were so forgettable, and we wanted to forget some of them.

I know they don't want past winners on there, but I mean, wheres Nick & Star, Megan & Cheyne? Or Toni & Dallas, those teams are all stars....lets get some real all stars on this show for once!

So, to the spoiler team out there working, go blow up their spot and ruin the whole season!! LOL

Thanks for all you do!

PS. Maybe I'm in the minority here, and if I am, tell me! haha

TAR 13 teams!  (:;)

My feet and legs hurt :knuckles:

I don't want 2 c Mel\Mike or Kynt\Vyxsin again. (:;)

Amanda/Kris is the worst casting choice of all time. OF ALL TIME. I also hate the three teams that you mentioned  :lol:

If they wanted good teams they should have picked some of the snubbed teams from the first all stars. Ken/Gerard, Flo/Zach, Colin/Christie - Now they are all stars.


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