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The Map Thread For TAR18: The Holding Zone

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Mister RC:
It's the TAR18 Map Thread! Hope to see them reach all 7 continents!  Or maybe 6.

--- Quote ---Just starting this for Neobie (or peach or anyone).  I was hoping for the AR 18 teams to emulate original TAR route in honor of TAR's 10th Anniversary.  Then with a Los Angeles start, I was thinking, "Maybe emulate the AR 14 route since it's basically TAR14: The Sequel & Friends"

Instead, no NYC start, and no Switzerland first destination.  I can't find a decent map right now for Sydney that best fits the ones Neobie has used over the past several seasons.
--- End quote ---

If anyone wants to add good location maps here, I'll copy them over to the Episode threads as we need them?? Thanks!!

and Neobie's gorgeoous TAR 18 Route Maps will take pride of place here!

Thanks, RevengefullyCreative! Sydney leg through to the Town Hall complete!

Neobie, CBS will hire you one day eventually to do maps for them for TAR.

That's some awesome maps... :hearts:

Totally agree!:jam:

And now I SEE how they were going!! :ty3: It all makes sense... :lol:

The known locations for Broken Hill.


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