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Thailand Final 2 Revealed????


With only 3 more episodes left to Survivor Thailand, The True Dork Times and watcher have unearthed the Final 2 for Survivor spoilers across the land.

If you are SURE that you want to read this Spoiler, continue on...

Don't complain that I didn't tell you!!![/i]

TDT has reported that the Final 2 of Survivor Thailand are none other than Brian and Clay. watcher, a poster at VO, also reported Brian and Clay as the Final 2 on the VotedOff Board.

Both players had interesting intros in the first episode that presaged a better than average placement. Brian referenced the game as a business trip. Clay commented on being the last man picked by remarking that he knew he would be picked last during tribe selection, but "they've got a diamond in the rough, is what they don't know."

Early speculation seems to favor Clay as the winner, given the rather warm references to Clay by the former Sook-Jai players now on the Jury. With the Sook-Jai votes secured, Clay would need only one more vote to be declared the winner of Survivor Thailand.

From the CBS Press Release:
CBS will reveal the sole survivor on a special two-hour series finale of SURVIVOR: THAILAND, Thursday, Dec. 19 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), immediately followed by SURVIVOR: THAILAND THE REUNION, a one-hour live reunion show to be hosted by Jeff Probst that will feature all 16 survivors (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network.
Probst will preside over a live gathering of the 16 survivors, reunited for the first time since leaving the island Koh Tarutao. Viewers will hear their stories of what life was really like on the rugged Thai island off the southern coast of Thailand, and how their lives and relationships may have changed as a result. The Special will also provide the winner with his/her first opportunity to speak publicly about the experience and her/his plans for the $1 million prize.

;DWow, what a story.  I had heard that Clay and Brian were F2 but was unsure of whether I should believe it.  Tapewatcher does have a good track record.   Another friend who was in a group with me last season (who I have since found and in another group with him again)left early last season and his last words to me were to listen to Tapewatcher.  If it does pan out that Clay/Brian are F2 then I'm still hoping for a Brian win.  Why do the Sook Jai's all like Clay?  Brian hasn't really said much at all so maybe they think he is more of a schemer.  2 weeks to go!  Wow.  

Mama --

I hope you don't mind me adding this, but... TDT has a pretty good rep too... If he uses "I have learned"  you can feel fairly safe in trusting it...  and that is the way it is stated at his board.

As far as who wins it... it could be either one depending upon how the jury feels.  Brian on one hand has done a good job of getting his way and doing what he needs to do to win... whether it be "selling" someone on an idea, or protecting his friends...   Clay on the other hand tried to "suck up" to the sookjai members and kept his word to Penny (I think) with his vote that round, so they might concider him more trustworthy.

Myself, I would prefer to see Brian win... as I think he has done a better job of outwitting, outlasting and outsmarting everyone else... but... as always, it's up to the jury...

;)No problem.  I myself, love TDT.  I find it's usually the 1st site that I run to for my spoiling needs.   ;D  I always like to read their take on the next episode.


--- Quote --- ;)No problem. I myself, love TDT. I find it's usually the 1st site that I run to for my spoiling needs. ;D I always like to read their take on the next episode.
--- End quote ---

Same here... usually the best early week information available anywhere... LOL  

Not always right, but, it is his best guess based on the info available and it's usually not too far off.


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