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TARA 4 EP 9 Episode and Show Discussion (Indonesia) **SPOILERS**

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Just finished with the recap on Episode 9.

you can read about it here:


awesome job for the Richards. I thought they were a goner already. Congrats to Jess and Lani again! woohoo!

Ooh I love reading your recaps :) I didn't get to watch the full episode but I must say Jess and Lani are starting to surprise me!

Good thing the Richards made it.

So happy the Malaysian Boys (Ethan and Khairie) were eliminated.

I don't like their sense of humor.

Bad karma bit them on their a-s-s hahahahahahaha   :neener:

Oh, and I was impressed with Natasha and Hussein as well! Hussein is one tough dad :D I wouldn't mind if they won actually!

Editing in this ep is bad :(

Anyone wlse thinking that next week is a NEL? Because This weeks pitstop is the eight pitstop right? next week is the ninth which is propbably the a NEL for the F4 then the following week is Elimination...


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