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NaOnka in a class of her own! Tribal foot in mouth!

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She is SOO special! :lol3:

She is something else...........I'm with Jeff when he said he was speechless    :lol:

The problem with Survivor is that everyone is probably thinking about how in the world they can take her to the Final 3, because they know she won't get any votes. It's good strategy, but it's horrible for the viewers who have to endure her every week.

I'm loving her at this moment! :hides

not sure why  she's soo off the wall :meow: i think it would be hysterical for her to win! no one expects it !:lol3:

 forget about F3! naonka for the win! ha ha  :lolmao:

You better hide under that chair!  :lol3:  She IS something but special?  I'm with Jeff, she's a 6 year old mentally. I have to say, I sit with my jaw hitting the floor when she goes after Fabio and renders him speechless.  :lol:

It's hard to believe with all she's done that she's still in the game.  :groan:


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