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Fantasy Routes for Amazing Race 18.

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Start Line: Phoenix, Arizona

Leg1 USA--->Peru (Machu Picchu)
Leg2 Peru (Lima)
Leg3 Peru--->Australia (Gold Coast)
Leg4 Australia--->Indonesia (Jakarta)
Leg5 Indonesia (Bali)
Leg6 Indonesia--->Laos (Vientiane)
Leg7 Laos--->Maldives
Leg8 Maldives--->Jordan (Petra)
Leg9 Jordan--->Bulgaria (Sofia)
Leg10 Bulgaria--->Libya (Tripoli)
Leg11 Libya--->Portugal (Lisbon)
Leg12 Portugal--->USA (Washington DC)


Indonesia is OK to visit, just the part of Sumatra with the quakes and volcanic activity is unsafe.  I would like to see the race visit Jakarta or Bali.

My Fantasy Route:
Leg 1 (Los Angeles, USA to Vienna, Austria)
Leg 2 (Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia)
Leg 3 (Slovakia to Sofia, Bulgaria)
Leg 4 (Varna, Bulgaria)
Leg 5 (Bulgaria to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
Leg 6 (Central Tanzania)
Leg 7 (Tanzania to  Bhopal, India)
Leg 8 (Jodhpur, India)
Leg 9 (India to Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei)
Leg 10 (Brunei to Harbin, China)
Leg 11 (China to Denver, USA)


--- Quote from: Amazingrace123 on November 13, 2010, 04:41:55 PM ---Probably need to add one more leg.

--- End quote ---

Why one more leg?
Here is my other fantasy route for S18.
Leg 1 (New York City, USA to Gaborone, Botswana)
Leg 2 (Botswana to Livingstone, Zambia)
Leg 3 (Zambia to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe)
Leg 4 (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Leg 5 (Zimbabwe to Dubai, UAE)
Leg 6 (UAE to Wuhan, China)
Leg 7 (Hoh'hot, China)
Leg 8 (China to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
Leg 9 (Mongolia to Irkutsk, Russia)
Leg 10 (Moscow, Russia)
Leg 11 (Russia to Helsinki, Finland)
Leg 12 (Rovaniemi, Finland)
Leg 13 (Finland to Maine, USA)

Here's one that hits 8 exotic foreign countries over 6 continents in 12 legs.

Leg1 Houston, USA - Guayaquil, Ecuador
Leg2 Ecuador - Castries, St. Lucia
Leg3 St. Lucia - Madrid, Spain
Leg4 Andalusia, Spain
Leg5 Spain - Malta
Leg6 Malta - Alexandria, Egypt
Leg7 Cairo, Egypt
Leg8 Egypt - Jakarta, Indonesia
Leg9 Bali, Indonesia
Leg10 Indonesia - Melbourne, Australia
Leg11 Australia - Vancouver, Canada
Leg12 Canada - Houston, USA

I'm not good with the whole leg by leg thing because I'm pretty sure I'd be adding countries that would be unsafe... But someone needs to go to Canada. I know they went there in the family edition, but besides that? Don't remember if they ever went there in a regular/All-Star edition. Anywhere would be fine.


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