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Fantasy Routes for Amazing Race 18.

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Hey guys just wanted to know your fantasy routes for the Amazing Race.

Mines is the standard 11 teams and 12 legs.

Start line: Houston.

Leg1 USA- Argentina (Bueons Aires)
Leg2 Argentina- Paraguay (Ascunsion)
Leg3 Paraguay (rural Paraguay)
Leg4 Paraguay-Germany (Frankfurt)
Leg5 Germany-Denmark (Copenhagen)
Leg6 Denmark (Roskilde)
Leg7 Denmark-Gabon (Liberville and surrondings)
Leg8 Gabon-South Africa (Johannesburg)- India (Banglore) (Double length leg)
Leg9 India-Australia (Mareeba, Queensland)
Leg10 Australia (Gold Coast)
Leg11 Australia - China (Yunnan province)
Leg12 China-USA (Hawaii/Los Angeles)

3 New countries visited (Paraguay, Denmark and Gabon)

All 6 inhabited continents visted again.

I like that route, it covers just about everywhere you would want it to. I would only suggest maybe Japan instead of India and the possibility of doing it backwards (westbound).

I still want Antarctica.


--- Quote from: theschnauzers on November 11, 2010, 01:46:43 PM ---I still want Antarctica.

--- End quote ---

It doesn't exactly fit their model of in and out in one or two days. It's also quite expensive to transport that many people down there, if it is even possible. I guess we can dream though.

My fantasy route would have Portugal in it! :D
Antarctica would be really nice.


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