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Television actor Grant Bowler will be the host of The Amazing Race Australia.

Seven Network made the announcement on Saturday, after production of the reality television show began earlier this week.

"This race is going to be enormous," said Bowler, who is fresh from a stint on US series True Blood.

"The route is simply amazing. We have a wonderful cast, with incredible diversity between the teams and within the teams," he said.

"There are some fantastic characters that are iconically and classically Australian."

The Amazing Race Australia continues Bowler's association with Seven, having started his television career on the police drama Blue Heelers, before hosting The Mole, working on Border Security, and more recently starring in the US series Lost and Ugly Betty.

"Hosting is something I haven't done in a long time, and I really enjoy it," he said.

"If you're going to do it, this is the show to do it on. The Amazing Race is the best format in reality television, and it's just incredibly exciting to be a part of."

The series will make its debut in 2011

when it'll be premiered?  I wish TAR Australia should be aired on AXN Asia so that I could watch it. :kisses


--- Quote from: topaz on December 19, 2010, 03:19:41 AM ---when it'll be premiered?  I wish TAR Australia should be aired on AXN Asia so that I could watch it. :kisses

--- End quote ---

Air date currently unknown. Intuition tells me that they will try to cash in on the returning racers of TAR 18 and put this series just after it.

Channel Seven programming article from Today Tonight Website.

--- Quote ---Season 18, which includes a Sydney stop, premieres in the US on February 20. But Seven also has The Amazing Race Australia which has internet forums buzzing with excitement. Mindful of internet spoilers for the US series, Worner says Seven is still mulling whether to premiere the Australian edition first.

“The very discussion that is going gangbusters in the blogosphere is also going gangbusters in the Seven Programming offices right now,” he says.

“It looks fabulous and the cast is very funny. They make you smile and you don’t really realise that you’re smiling.”

Hosted by Grant Bowler (Border Security, The Mole, True Blood, Lost, Outrageous Fortune), the Aussie race may also draw upon 7mate, but Worner won’t reveal how. Wherever it appears, it seems assured of a big audience.

“On the research we do it scores higher than any show on any network in terms of intention to view and yet we’ve hardly run any promos for it,” he says.

“I’ll say this there are some contestants who haven’t travelled very well. So there are some extremely funny moments.”

--- End quote ---

Looks promising for a good series! Hope there is a series 2!!

Sounds like it may be coming sooner than later then??  :wohoo:

Thanks for the info!


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