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TARA 4 EP 7 Episode and EP 8 Show Discussion (Australia) **SPOILERS**

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TARA 4 Timeline

Sighting: Queenstown Airport.(18 )-(21)

Travel: from Queenstown, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia.(23)


Tuesday June 22 - Friday June 25

Travel: to Circular Quay.(1)

Task: Find a man with a brolly.(1)

Travel: to the ANZ Stadium.(2)

Task: Speculated to be a task involving the outdoor Trapeze.(3)

Travel: from Sydney, Australia to Brisbane, Australia.(5)

Sighting: Teams seen running between cars and climbing into 'Wicked' Vans.(4)

Travel: to Streets Beach (formerly known as Kodak Beach),(11) Southbank, Brisbane.(6)

Travel: to unknown location near Maudsland, Gold Coast.(7)

Sighting: Teams photographed browsing maps in Dymocks Bookstore, Brisbane.(8 ) Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

Friday June 25

Travel: from Brisbane, Australia to Jakarta, Indonesia,(9) possible via Sydney, Australia.(10)




--- Quote ---source response: It was the girls who I booked flights for, they were in 2nd place at that stage and the flight I put them on had them arriving into Sydney 1st by themselves (although I believe there was only a 30min gap between all the teams arrivals in Sydney)
--- End quote ---

1 Once they arrived at Sydney they had to find Circular Quay & find a man with a brolly for their next clue, thats as far as I know... Link

2 watching the amazing race getting filmed next to the anz stadium lol Link

3 Undocumented reference Web :secret

--- Quote --- source response: what i saw was 3 or 4 different teams getting out of taxis and going into this sports feild area next to the sydney anz stadium. where they had to do a chanllenge involving trapeze. this happped on the 22nd of june, around 9 pm. sorry but i didnt take any picture and i cant describe them for you.
--- End quote ---

4 it is the Amazing race. Is it coming to Aust? Literally running between the cars. Couldn't stop laughing. They are got into Wicked vans and opened their yellow envelopes. Look out Brisbane commuters. Link

5 the Amazing Race was in Brisbane tonight 97.3FM Nightshow with Hinksy Link

6a They were at Southbank filming and off to the Gold Coast now... 97.3FM Nightshow with Hinksy Link

6b Amazing race clue box was spotted at Kodak beach @ south bank last night Link

7 My sister spotted a flag this morning at a set of lights near where we live. We're fans of the show and she planned a Amazing Race challange for my 21st, so the flag caught her attention and made us wonder what was going on. We followed the markers and signs to a property out the back of Maudsland on the Gold Coast. There were street signs put in for a place that we've never heard of and know aren't normally there. They've gone to a lot of trouble to replicate our road signs.  Link

8 Tour resident reality TV fan, Robyn, stumbled on the crew of a very well known reality TV show filming in our city streets this morning!

She stumbled on the crew and contestants of the US’s The Amazing Race filming Season 17 in Dymocks bookstore on Albert Street! She’s taken some pictures of the contestants and crew looking for maps in the bookstore. Link

9 I have a post suggesting they may have been seen in the Jakarta airport...following up! Link

10a Teams apparently flying Jetstar out of Brisbane 6/25 Link

10b Possible flights using Jetstar out of Brisbane from BNE-CGK via SYD (Brisbane - Jakarta via Sydney)
BNE-SYD on June 25
JQ 811 Dep: 08:25 Arr: 10:00 (sched) Arr: 09:54 (actual) or
JQ 817 Dep: 17:05 Arr: 18:40 (sched) Arr: 18:43 (actual)

SYD-CGK on June 25
QF 41 Dep: 13:50  (sched) Dep: 13:55 (actual) Arr: 18:40 (sched) Arr: 18:44 (actual) or
MH 6208 Dep: 20:35  (sched) Dep: approx. 22:00 (actual) Arr: 00:50 (sched)

11 Australia’s only inner-city beach, South Bank Beach, previously known as Kodak Beach,Breaka Beach and most recently Streets Beach, is one of Brisbane’s most popular attractions.
With panoramic views of the CBD and South Bank reach of the River, South Bank Beach truly is the epitome of the great Brisbane culture and climate we enjoy. Our inner-city beach features gleaming white sand and a man-made lagoon, which is surrounded by sub-tropical landscaping. (Page 5) Web

Preview!! click on thru to YouTube...

wokay got the recap here:

I feel sorry for jess and lani. they did really well yet ended up on a virtual pit stop episode. sucks.


--- Quote from: calv_10 on November 04, 2010, 12:58:27 PM ---wokay got the recap here:

I feel sorry for jess and lani. they did really well yet ended up on a virtual pit stop episode. sucks.

--- End quote ---

Me too! They got Jamie and Cara'd !

Thanks Calvin! Great recap and looks like a great party!

I haven't seen the ep virtual pitstop essentially the same thing as a TBC? ???


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