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Old Timer:
You knew that break up was happening.  When Patrick was telling Jodi how he likes Courtney and would like to remain faithful to her you knew that meant Patrick is definitely cheating on her in this episode, probably with Jodi.

dang..I missed it  :(...hopefully I'll catch the reair...(just missed it again  :( )

Just read the recap~Can't wait to watch it.. :D

Episode 3 Summary:

Mission: Living Art
Location: Puma Store in Santiago, Chile
Description: Pose in a store window wearing nothing but body paint

Patrick tells Jody about his girlfriend and notes that if he does one more break-up-worthy thing, they are done. Kaput. Fineto.

Meanwhile, Derrick is goofing off and when he picks up Kina, he feels an amazing amount of pressure on his knee and topples over. Apparently he has had surgery on this knee and he now worries that he did something terrible to it, which may prevent him from giving 100 percent today.

The Road Rulers meet their mission mayors in front of a Puma Store in Santiago and learn they will become “living art”. The Roadies will be the blank canvas, i.e. they will be completely nude, wearing only body paint. Most everyone is unhappy about this except Danny. He’s practically strips his clothes off before the mission mayors could say “body paint.”

In addition to getting naked, they will have to shave off all body hair that grows below their neck. Ew, gross. After they are painted, they must pose for one hour in the store window on a busy street. They must stand motionless. If the mayors notice any movement, 15 minutes will be added to their hour. If one of them doesn’t want to perform the mission, the Road Rulers will have to stand in the window for two hours. It’s unclear whether or not Derrick can even stand for one hour and Ibis is very uncomfortable with being naked in front of everyone.

Patrick worries that his girlfriend is not going to be pleased when she hears about this mission. Surprisingly, Derrick is cool with standing face to face with Danny for the hour cuz they are all buddies now. Ibis is very close to saying that she wants to quit, but she worries about the implications of that and decides to go through with the mission.

A crowd gathers in front of the store window and the Road Rulers are revealed to the public. Fifteen minutes in, Patrick moves his foot and they add 15 minutes to their time. Meanwhile, Derrick’s knee hurts and he’s unsure if he will be able to complete the mission. As the mission nears the end, the Road Rulers are almost about to collapse, but they mange to remain motionless. When the garage door finally closes, they are all emotionally drained and psyched that they made it through.

To celebrate, the Roadies go out dancing. Patrick is all over the ladies at the bar, including Jodi. As they dance, they kiss. That one little indiscretion might be enough for Patrick’s girlfriend to officially dump him. BTW, Jodi isn’t exactly a single-mingle… she’s dating a guy back home.

Sobered up, the next day, Patrick says it drives him crazy that he can’t treat his girlfriend like she is supposed to be treated. Via phone, Patrick tells his girlfriend that right now he needs time to straighten out his life, so they split and Patrick is now free to hook up with whoever he wants.

Well I watched the show last night.  IT was yucky last night!!  IT was an eating challenge ~ they showed them puking... :o

Most of the leftovers were from danny...he cried at the end.

Old Timer:
Danny really did blow it yesterday for the Road Rulers.  I am looking forward to next week's episode when Derrick gets arrested.

Tonight is the final Real World.  This has been Five Star Season of the Real World.

I always forget when Road Rules is on  :( It sounded like a good one !
Thanks Oldtimer ,could you give us a update about the Real World finale?  :) We really would appreciate it  :)..

"Road Rules X-TREME"
Episode 4 Summary:

Mission: Don't Have a Cow
Location: Sepia Restaurant in Santiago, Chile
Description: Eat a cow. (Seriously!)

Turns out Kina has a lot of characteristics that Derrick would look for in a future girlfriend. The two of them hang out a lot and flirt, but Kina insists she is not interested in taking their relationship to the next level. Kina tells Ibis that Derrick tried to kiss her last night and she really isn't interested in hooking up with anyone on the trip. She just doesn't want to ruin the friendship she has with Derrick.

The Roadies get a message that implies their next mission will involve cows. Being the country girl that she is, Kina is psyched she’s gonna get to see some cows. It's funny to see her so excited because she really has no clue what kind of disgusting thing is in store for her and her teammates.

The Roadies are hoping to win their fourth mission in a row today. Then they learn they have to eat cow eyes, brains, tongue, testicles, rectum, among other disgusting things. :o

They must pair up and feed each other the food. One person must be nominated as the leftover eater. Anything that is not finished by the others must be eaten by this person. Patrick volunteers to eat the leftovers. They will each get one glass of water and will have five minutes to eat what is on their plate.

Patrick tries to motivate his team before the competition starts, but Danny is freaking out before he even eats anything. The mission starts and the Roadies grin and bear it and try and choke down as much cow as possible. After eating cow brain, Danny throws his napkin down and curses the mission. Jodi narrates that 99.9 percent of the food on the leftover plate are Danny's. It's clear that Danny is the one who is holding his team back in this mission.

After the thirteenth item, Patrick has to sit down and eat a full plate of leftovers in only five minutes while Ibis feeds him. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to finish all the food in the allotted time. They don't get the X-Treme key and they are one step closer to eliminating a team member.

Derrick comforts Danny after the mission and Kina sees how good a heart he has. Perhaps she'll have a change of heart about hookin' up? Danny cries saying he let his team down.

Things look up when they arrive back at their RV and Ibis finds a little stray puppy. They decide to keep the little fuzz ball as the mascot of the crew and they name her X. Meanwhile, Danny is afraid that if they fail another mission, he will be the one sent home. Patrick notes that Danny didn't have a lot of heart or will in the cow eating mission and he would certainly get his vote.


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