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They say 13 is an unlucky number, so who knows what will go down during the 13th season of Road Rules. This time around, the RV is cruising along the rugged roads of Chile and Argentina where the Roadies will attempt their most over-the-top missions ever, including bungee-jumping over an active volcano and repelling down a 210-foot waterfall. You won’t want to miss a second of this dramatic season.

Road Rules X-TREME airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m ET/PT, 9:00 p.m. CT.
Episode 1 Summary:

Mission: Volcano Bungee
Location: Billerica Volcano in Pucon, Chile
Description: Bungee jump from a helicopter over an active volcano

We meet Patrick, the guy who’s got a girlfriend, but always manages to “F” it up. He meets up with Jodi, who considers herself an “extreme sports person” and they both hitch a ride on an ox cart. Then we meet, Ibis, a goofy, girly girl, who was born in San Juan Puerto Rico. The other cast members will be relieved to learn she can speak Spanish and Portuguese. Danny, an affable dude, is hoping he doesn’t have to live with a close-minded homophobic person. The ox cart picks up Road Rulers along the way and Kina and Derrick are the last two people the group picks up. Kina admits that she can be weak at times and Derrick says he had a rough life growing up, which made him tough. Right off the bat, he develops a little crush on Kina. Now that all six players are together, they begin to find similarities and common bonds among each other.

Derrick starts things off badly by saying he doesn’t want to look like some “bleep” from an 80s sitcom and Danny thinks he has found the dude who is homophobic. The Roadies squeal when they see the RV and the girls note that the large bed in the RV just “promotes relations”. Once they are on the road, Derrick wants to find out who the gay person is among them. Danny puts himself out there by saying he has a boyfriend and all the girls love the fact that Danny is gay, but Derrick seems a little tripped out upon learning this news.

Before we get too far, let’s go over the 411 of Road Rules X-Treme, which is unlike any other season of Road Rules. Every time the Roadies successfully complete a mission, they will receive an X-Treme Key. After they get all the keys, they will be able to unlock the X-Treme Machine, which will reveal their X-Treme handsome reward. Okay, so their handsome reward isn’t X-Treme, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? If they fail one mission, the will receive a warning and won’t collect the X-Treme Key, which fits into a puzzle located in the dashboard of the RV. When they fail a second mission, the will be forced to vote off one of their teammates. The new Roadie who arrives, will then give them the X-Treme key for the mission they lost. Got it? Okay, moving on…

After they give up their cash and credit cards, they learn they will be given $3,000 cash and Visa credit cards with a $500 spending limit. But it’s not going to be handed to them. They’ve gotta earn it.

Cue the death defying Volcano Bungee jump. Kina astutely observes. “If you’re body falls in lava, you’re cooked.” That’s right, honey. They learn if there is a problem with the helicopter, they will be released and their bodies will plummet into the volcano.

Ibis and Derrick go first while the others wait at Base Camp. They jump and Derrick says it was an experience of a lifetime. Jodi and Danny, two people who are afraid of heights, are scared to jump, but do it anyway. Kina and Patrick are last to go and with their jump, the Road Rules X-Treme team wins their first mission. They are handed their X-Treme key and receive their money, which adds up to about $1000 per person for 10 weeks.

The first thing they buy with their money is some alcohol, then, they join a bonfire on the beach where Derrick gets a little too rowdy. The roommates really start to worry when he turns violent after drinking. Patrick tries to get him to chill out, while the other roommates worry about this becoming a trend. The roommates tell him that they really need him as a team member. Acting like a crazy drunk person could get him voted off. “His love for life also becomes his greatest fault,” Patrick says. It’s only the first night on Road Rules X-Treme in South American and things are going to only get crazier more and more extremer from here on out. Yeah, “extremer” is not a word, but it’s fun to say. Extremer.

wow sounds good... I have not watched road rules in a while....but this sounds great.

Episode 2 Summary:

Mission: Waterfall Rappel
Location: Puma Waterfall in Pucon, Chile
Description: Rappel down a 210 ft. waterfall in pairs

The next morning, the group goes swimming in the ocean and it’s not long before Danny is skinny dipping, which most everyone finds amusing except Derrick. Derrick takes this opportunity to make it clear that he doesn't want to sleep in the same bed as Danny.

The Road Rulers receive a clue that indicates they must be at their second mission at 9:30 a.m. the following morning. Without giving it a second thought, they go out and party into the evening. This time it's Danny who drinks way too much and goes nuts. He throws up on the floor and in a bucket in the RV, while the rest of the group worries they will fail the following morning. At three o'clock in the morning, Kina is crying about how everyone is mocking her effort to care for Danny and she rips into Derrick for his poor behavior. The group wakes up at 6:30 a.m. and Danny is still drunk. He says he has never drank that much in his life.

The Roadies must rappel down the waterfall two at a time. They have to start within six seconds of each other, then meet at the middle of the waterfall within six seconds and then meet at the bottom within six seconds. Not sure what's up with this six seconds business, but it must be important to the mission in some way.

Patrick and Ibis go first and it's difficult because the water is pounding on their heads. Before Jodi and Kina start, Jodi falls backwards at the top of the waterfall and she has difficulty getting herself in an upright position.

The unlikely duo of Derrick and Danny actually bond before they rappel down the waterfall. Derrick appears interested in learning about Danny and vice versa. Danny also slips at the top of the waterfall, but he is able to straighten himself out so he and Derrick can come down together.

The Road Rulers receive their X-Treme key, which means they have successfully beaten another mission's ass. "Twelve more awesome experiences to go," Patrick notes.

Things we learned this week: Derrick is starting to see Danny as a buddy. Derrick definitely knows he disrespected some people, so he apologizes for his actions. The girls are learning he really is a sweet person. They appreciate his apology and hope this doesn’t happen again in the future.

so much drama....would nto be a MTV reality show if it was not.

OMH I watched this show last night and they had to stand another 15 minutes because the one guy moved his toe!  even the guy with the bad Knee stood there.

And we knew the guy was going to break up with his girlfriend..they were stressign the girlfriend way too much.


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