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Languages of TAR: Translators needed :)

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I'm Mexican, so Spanish.  :jam:

I came from France, so I speak French, of course!
I speak also English and Spanish.

Belle Book:
English and Spanish.  In fact, I majored in English and minored in Spanish in college.

ETA:  I also know some words in French and a few in German, Russian and Japanese -- but not near enough to carry on a real conversation.

Belle Book

I 'm Italian(I live in Italy)...but I was born in  Teheran (Iran ) because of my dad's work...
My mom is Hungarian,my dad,half Italian half Argentinian,
So I can speak Italian,Hungarian,English(I'm studying ...I 'm only 17 y.o   :( :( ),a bit of spanish and french(because I lived in Monaco  for 5 years when i was a child)

english....duh ;D
some german and spanish  :tup:


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