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Languages of TAR: Translators needed :)

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Mother language: polish; other - quite well in English

I'm from the north of Poland and people often speak there Kashubian (which seems like polish with a little bit of German) - I can understand most of that however TAR would probably never get there)

I'm Serbian translator, and, you may seen already, i have translated both s25 episodes first of all in any foreing language  :)

If maybe appear some Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Macedonian/Slovenian or ExYugoslavia TAR, I'm there for help. Also, if someone needs help for translating Season25, I'm there.

:bigwelcome to RFF, Dzony95! Very glad to have you here!!

I'm sorry that I'm too lazy to read the whole thread *embarrass*

Anyone Finnish or know Finnish?

I can pickup a little Spanish but may not know everything


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